November 30, 2020

Poetry Week: Morning Two – Christina Rossetti

Budding Spring

Note from CM: We feature two Easter poems today. The first is by one of my favorite devotional poets, Christina Rossetti. We featured her during Advent in 2014, and today we offer one of her delightful Easter carols. As in her Advent poems, which mirrored the “bleak midwinter” climate in which she lived, so too her Easter poetry dances with the music and color of springtime.

Spring bursts to-day,
For Christ is risen and all the earth’s at play.

Flash forth, thou Sun,
The rain is over and gone, its work is done.

Winter is past,
Sweet Spring is come at last, is come at last.

Bud, Fig and Vine,
Bud, Olive, fat with fruit and oil and wine.

Break forth this morn
In roses, thou but yesterday a Thorn.

Uplift thy head,
O pure white Lily through the Winter dead.

Beside your dams
Leap and rejoice, you merry-making Lambs.

All Herds and Flocks
Rejoice, all Beasts of thickets and of rocks.

Sing, Creatures, sing,
Angels and Men and Birds and everything.

All notes of Doves
Fill all our world: this is the time of loves.


  1. Susan Dumbrell says

    At last a gem I can get my head around without looking for a lifejacket or a gun. I found the previous two poems very dark.

    I have always loved Christina Rossetti’s poems and feel a lighter mood is necessary to balance this week’s blog.

    We have enough doom and gloom in the ‘fake news’ we receive delivered every day on our front lawn or the TV etc.
    Enjoy the new roses, mine are in their last trembling flush. Frosts will come too soon.
    Enjoy your Spring and the joy still new of our Lord’s Resurrection.

    Lighten up, Christ is Risen.

  2. Susan Dumbrell says

    Please re read my reflection of May 1. Look for roses all around us in life.
    We have too much pessimism in this current day.
    The end will be nigh soon enough.

    A bit more Mr Wilkins Micawber.(Dickens). A recipe for happiness. Assume happiness even if penniless.
    He achieves person financial success in emigrating to Australia.

    Nothing wrong with that. My relatives sought a new life here in Aust in 1845 during the potato famine in Ireland. We never looked back.

    Christ is Risen

  3. Robert F says

    when I step outside
    rain has already fallen
    iris lift their heads

  4. Susan Dumbrell says

    Thoughts of Spring too soon
    jonquil green tests the cold air
    yellow trumpets June?

    (Sorry, can’t help myself!)

  5. Here in Alberta (Canada) our spring is very late. Small white, yellow and purple crocuses are finally making their appearance and the Robins have returned and are singing as they build nests. After 7 months of greys and browns, cloudy short days, snow and bitter wind the excitement of the return of life and color is very very real. Yes we are celebrating . . . new life . . . resurrection.