January 15, 2021

Poetry Week: Midday Two – Chaplain Mike

The Key, Jackson Pollock

By Michael Mercer

road taken
friend welcomed
hearts broken
grief spoken
word opened
then home

guest summoned
meal proffered
grace offered
bread broken
eyes opened
christ known


  1. Michael Bell says

    Love it!

  2. Rick Ro. says

    I like how your poem’s form fits your message.

  3. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    Very minimalist, but works.

    • Robert F says

      The language of the Bible itself, especially the New Testament, is minimalist in spirit, if not stylistically.

      It works.

  4. Damaris says

    Lovely! It has a meditative feel to it, the sort of thing that could be recited and contemplated.

    • Robert F says

      Maybe sung, if set to music and expanded. These two stanzas could serve as alternative refrains.

  5. Robert F says

    The road they met the risen Jesus on led them back to the city he died in.

  6. Susan Dumbrell says

    “Did not our hearts burn within us?”

    I encounter the risen Christ every day.
    May he be with us all.

    Christ is risen

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