October 27, 2020

Christmas II: Pic and Cantata of the Week

Vermont Morning Vista (2014)

Vermont Morning Vista (2014)

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Bach Cantata 28, “Praise God! Now the Year Comes to an End”

Gottlob! nun geht das Jahr zu Ende,
Das neue rücket schon heran.
Gedenke, meine Seele, dran,
Wieviel dir deines Gottes Hände
Im alten Jahre Guts getan!
Stimm ihm ein frohes Danklied an;
So wird er ferner dein gedenken
Und mehr zum neuen Jahre schenken.

Praise God! Now the year comes to an end,
the new year already draws near.
Think, my soul, on this,
how much the hands of your God
have done for you in the old year!
Begin to sing a joyful song of thanks to him;
so he will think of you in the future
and bestow more on you in the new year.


  1. First? Happy New Year, iMonks!

  2. new year, new morning
    bright stars burn
    in the blank sky

    Happy New Year to all.

    • The New Year begins with Hope, tempered with anticipation. Mid Year is then ushered in with ambivalence tinged with disappointment. Year’s end is then colored by resignation which leads to relief that the year is over. New Year…repeat the whole process…

  3. Blessings and hopes fulfilled to all in the new year.

  4. Heather Angus says

    Happy New Year to all.