January 22, 2021

Annual Review: Pictures from 2016 + A Chance to Vote!

Annual Review
Pictures from 2016

2016 was a fun year for me taking pictures. After using my Canon in the early part of the year I got a new camera for my birthday — an Olympus Pen-F. That provided renewed motivation, and I found lots of opportunities to take pictures around Indiana — especially through a beautiful blue-sky summer and golden fall. Then there were trips to Florida, Chicago, and Ohio, along with several other delightful outings and events at which I found interesting subjects to shoot.


Here’s what I’d like from iMonk community with regard to these photos…

I have a gallery here of 50 pictures (click on each one to see a larger image). I would like to to boil this collection down to the 15 best photos of the year, and you have a chance to contribute your opinion.

Pick those that you like best (up to five pictures) and let me know in the comments. Add what you like about them if you wish. Your choices and the comments you make about these pictures will help me narrow down my list to my 15 faves.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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  1. 1) Keeping Watch
    2) Advent
    3) Translucent Yellow
    4) Autumn Epiphany
    5) Descend to the Waters of Baptism

  2. a Buddha might say,
    the bright tree burns from attachment–
    I say, let it burn

  3. Apocalyptic Skies, Clearwater Sunset, Walking the Canal, Indiana Country Road, Sunset Pastorale. Sky shots are evocative of hope for me. So are road shots, I like the idea of going somewhere. I walk the canal almost every day on my lunch hour.

  4. 1. Apocalyptic Skies (lift up your eyes…your hope will soon appear)
    2. Clearwater Sunset ( I love the ocean, especially at sunrise and sunset)
    3. I’m Watching (too cute and so much like life…waiting for the sweet delights)
    4. Morning Mist (morning is my favorite time of day)
    5. Christmas Lamp

  5. Good collection! I’d have to go with “Spring Barn”, because of the composition and warmth. Also, Spring is my favorite season, and it comes through cleanly in this photo.

  6. 1) Apocalyptic Skies (amazing pic, best of the lot, could win a prize at a fair)
    2) Spring Barn
    3) Keeping Watch
    4) Descend to the Waters of Baptism (very cool visually)
    5) Tie: Golden Hour Train, Johnson Co. Fair, December Field, Christmas Lamp

    You are an amazing photographer, CM.

  7. 1.Apocalyptic Skies (just because it is such a striking shot)
    2.Clearwater Sunset (the ocean sunset is one of those landscapes that looked the same 100,000 years ago)
    3.”I’m waiting…” (Ice cream scoop inspector on duty)
    4.Craftsmanship (it’s all about texture)
    5.Translucent Yellow (“All that is, is Light” – Johannes Scottus Eriugena)

  8. 1. The old barn
    2. Craftsmanship
    3. Apocalyptic skies
    4. Johnson county Fair
    5. Indiana Road

  9. Wallace H Holthaus says

    Having grown up on a farm I’m a barn enthusiast.

  10. David Cornwell says

    Mike, beautiful photographs. You picked a winner in the Olympus Pen-F camera. I love the four-thirds system, and the Olympus cameras and lenses. Later today I’ll try to make some choices from the photos.

  11. 1) Keeping Watch
    2) Crocuses about to Burst
    3) Craftsmanship
    4) Cumberland State Park Bridge
    5) The Old Barn
    Honorable Mention
    6) “I’m waiting…”
    7) Fall Front Door

    CM, between you and David, in house here is as good as it gets. “Heartland” is more than just a nickname.

  12. I vote for “I’m waiting . . .”
    Intrinsically adorable.

  13. Apocalyptic Skies
    Clearwater Sunset (I love good sunset photos)
    Descending to Baptism
    Indy Canal (I like the framing, how the shapes and colors are juxtaposed)
    Autumn Epiphany
    Orchards in the Snow (tree photos draw me just like the trees do)

    Nice shots, CM.


  14. 1. Apocalyptic skies
    2. Crocuses about to burst
    3. Sunset Pastorale
    4. I’m waiting
    5. Fall front door

  15. senecagriggs says

    I love trains. I have spent more than a few hours watching youtube videos of trains. It’s a wonderful picture.

  16. 1) Apocalyptic Skies
    2) Cumberland State Park Bridge
    3) White River St Park
    4) Chicago Riverwalk at Night
    5) Resurrection Glory

  17. 1) Porch Ledge Pumpkins
    2) I’m Waiting
    3) Self-Portrait
    4) Autumn Epiphany
    5) Orchards in Snow

  18. Heather Angus says

    Not a bad shot among them! I’ll vote for:

    Keeping Watch
    Old Meeting House
    Resurrection Glory
    Orchards in Snow
    Cumberland State Park Bridge

  19. Clearwater Sunset
    Spring Barn
    Descend to the Waters of Baptism
    Indiana Country Road
    Memories in the Old Barn

    Good eye, man.

  20. I’m waiting is the funniest.
    Orchards in snow is the bleakest.
    Old checkerboard is the friendliest.
    The friendly confines is the most hopeful (it springs eternal)
    And descend to the waters of baptism is the deepest.

    They are all so well done but I give old checkerboard the nod. I won’t vote on the order of the others out of sheer laziness.

  21. I think pictures elicit memories of life experiences for each of us that generate different emotions or ways of identifying. Consequently I think you would need a sample size of enormous proportions to find a trend in voting that created clear winners.

  22. They’re all great, however, if forced to pick 5:

    1. Father, Son, Spirit
    2. I’m Waiting
    3. Memories in the Old Barn
    4. Fall Front Door
    5. Christmas Lamp

  23. Denise Spencer says

    Apacolyptic Skies
    Sunset Pastorale
    Christmas Lamp
    Orchards in Snow
    Golden Hour Train

    Lovely photos, Mike!

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