January 16, 2021

Pic & Poem of the Week: October 2, 2016

Sun Sinking through the Woods

Sun Sinking through Autumn Woods

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From A Harvest

Is the day wearing toward the west? —
Far off cool shadows pass,
A visible refreshment
Across the sultry grass;
Far off low mists are mustering,
A broken shifting mass.
Still in the deepest knowledge
Some depth is left unknown;
Still in the merriest music lurks
A plaintive undertone:
Still with the closest friend some throb
Of life is felt alone.

By Christina Rossetti


  1. corn denuded fields
    filled now only with stubble
    empty, open hands

  2. ‘Tis here again. The onset, of the beauty, of the dying. Where did the summer go? This life really is but a moment.

  3. Ronald Avra says

    I know that Christina Rossetti is posted frequently on this blog, but I think this is the best selection of her work to date.

  4. moonless morning sky
    tireless October stars
    await the first frost

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