September 28, 2020

Every morning is a little Lent

Morning Fog, Oneida KY

Sunday Morning Landscape, Oneida KY

Every morning is a little Lent
Lent I

The picture above is the second in a series of photos that I am using to focus my Lenten meditations this year. Click on it to see the full size image.

I took this picture last spring in Oneida, Kentucky, Michael Spencer’s home, early on a Sunday morning as we prepared to go to church with Denise.

I love landscape pictures because they are complex, drawing one’s attention to many different elements in a single shot. Here we have the early morning light, the dewy green grass, the trees in early leaf, the creek upon which the light dances, the farm field across the creek shrouded in fog, and the tree-topped hills that almost look set on fire just before the sun appears over them.

Every morning is a little Lent. Just before the sun’s entrance, the fog and dew soak the ground and air, a cool refreshing that wakes us to warmer days. Life begins flowing through trunks and branches. Flowers prepare to push through the soil. We’re not far from planting.


  1. ” Be still! For in this sacred, solemn deep
    Of silence all things mute do pray ”

    (Thomas Cole)

  2. The meadow and hills,
    the fog and slender tree limbs,
    rising with the sun.

  3. Part of a stanza from Thomas Merton’s The Holy Child’s Song:
    “This seeming winter is your spring
    When skies put off their armor:
    Because My Heart already holds
    The secret mortal wound,
    By which I shall transform all deserts into garden-ground:
    And there the peaceful trees,
    All day say credos, being full of leaves –
    And I will come and be your noon-day sun,
    And make your shadows palaces of moving light:
    And you will show Me your flowers.”

  4. Hey w, not sure where you’ve been, but I just maxed out my deadlift today from 335 to 400, and my back squat from 150 to 225!