January 22, 2021


Winter Window View Framed


in long and deep midwinter
dreams of spring arise
of fulsome brooks and fragile buds
of warmer winds and skies
that, moaning, pour the anguished tears
of childbirth on the land
and ‘midst the muddy, messy muck
transform the slender strands
weaving a carpet ‘neath the trees
which don their own green gowns
and fill the space below the blue
like dancers all around
who hear the call of lively song
— they bend, they reach, they sway —
and welcome all the newborn life
now coming out to play.

a wish-dream only!
cold and lonely
here i pass the day.

in frozen climes
i’ll wrangle rhymes
‘til winter pass away.


  1. Christiane says

    Beautiful post, Chaplain MIKE . . . perhaps inspired by that blizzard that is now making its way East ?

    I’ve managed to fill up my simmering soup pot . . . there’s plenty of wood for the fireplace. . . all will be warmed and cosy in this home. . . and, if winter allows time to stop for a day or so, we will not be at all ungrateful 🙂

  2. Milk, bread, and TP
    Flying from the shelves like mad
    Washington pre-storm

  3. A cat in the road–
    I stop, check for signs of life,
    but winter stopped first

  4. Mtn Snowgal says

    Lovely, well written. We are in the zone expecting between 21-40″ of snow & power outages, which includes water, phones & internet. But Winter is also lovely, mystical, uplifting. Keep us in pryarers, but you need to check out my series of posts on Facebook: learning to love winter & snow ???

    • Oh I absolutely love winter and snow, and I’ve written about that as well.

      But each season also brings its own special longing for what comes next, and that’s what I’ve tried to capture here.

    • Hey Mtn Snowgal I’m in Montgomery County right on the MD/DC line. The weather folk tell us we’re ground zero. I didn’t lose power during snowmageddon in 2010 so I hope for the best.

      I’m from Georgia where winter lasts two days and it snows a quarter inch every five years or so. I love snow but I think this might be an embarrassment of riches.

  5. “…the whole creation groans…”
    Longing seems to settle in this time of year.

  6. Been fighting a head cold all week. Had two humidifiers and a pot of water boiling last night. Things got interesting when the water ran out and I didn’t notice for a while.

    I’m finally at that point after 30 years in the Midwest where I love winter, I love snow, but I can’t handle the cold anymore. And especially the dryness.

  7. Ronald Avra says

    Won’t be snowing here, but I’ve good memories of sitting by the window, working my way through a pot of coffee, and watching the snow fall.

    • Christiane says

      In my memories are snuggling in a blanket on a second-hand down sofa beside a picture window that looked out on a mountain lake in the mountains of deepest New Jersey
      . . . across the room was a large Andersen widow with a view of our deck and the forest beyond . . .

      when the snow fell, this was a most magical place . . . and yes coffee, sometimes hot chocolate, or occasionally samovar tea, but almost always good hot coffee at hand, yes . . . good memories, these 🙂

  8. The snow’s just started
    but the street’s already white,
    and the earth asleep

  9. I love this — especially when we just got 9+ inches of snow!

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