June 5, 2020

Jesus Loves Even Me

“For he had great possessions,” Watts

“Jesus, looking at him, loved him…” (Mark 10:21)

* * *

Even when I have enthusiasm without understanding,
When I present myself as one who is worthy,
When I think myself a good candidate for the kingdom,

He still looks at me and loves me.

Even when I imagine I have measured up,
Having fulfilled every requirement,
Having aced every exam,

He still looks at me and loves me.

“No killing” — check.
“No adultery” — check.
“No stealing” — check

I smile and know he will be impressed.

“No lying” — check
“No cheating” — check
“No disrespect to mom and dad” — check

What else could he possibly expect?

He looks at me and I see his loving gaze.
I’m sure I’ve made the cut.
Confident, I wait to hear his verdict.

No way I’ll be walking away disappointed this time….

And when the air goes out of the balloon.
He still looks at me and loves me.


  1. The gospel is not for the proud.

    It is for the brokenhearted.

  2. Grace is such a beautiful scandal…

  3. I have no doubt at all that the Gospel was meant for people like me. Broken, hurting, doubting, etc…

  4. “He hears his friends called shallow infidels
    Sees the vices they’ve naively held
    He looks at their faces
    And loves them in spite of himself”
    – Mark Heard

  5. As much as I would like to think of myself as broken, I am as much of a clueless self-absorbed, self-righteous schmuck like the rich young ruler. The amazing part of the story is that Jesus loved him.

    • I think I feel much the same, dumb ox. More clueless and selfish than I probably think I am. Yes, I surrender it all. Until that one thing pops up that I really don’t want to let go.

  6. I thought Reboot Christianity had a really good post on the subject of the “rich young man.” I don’t feel too sorry for this guy who had the audacity to say he was upholding all of the commandments.


    But your post shows that you got what the rich young man didn’t – our behavior doesn’t save.

    • When we think we are not like the rich young ruler, then we fall in his same error. I don’t mean socio-economically, but spiritually. We all at heart are hypocrites.

  7. “Real knowledge is knowing the extent of ones ignorance” – Confucius