December 3, 2020

‘Cause every girl’s crazy ’bout…

From the you couldn’t possibly make this stuff up in a million years department, today we refer you to:

At Ed Young’s new site,, you can learn that he wears Spanx, that wearing Spanx can give you gas (but better posture), and that those who are “clothed in Christ” should be clothed in fashionable, trend-setting styles too.

There’s a rumor out there that this is a joke. Please, God, let it be.

Here’s the scoop, right from the celebrity pastor’s mouth:

Pastors aren’t typically known for their fashion. Most people don’t think of the runway leading up to the pulpit. But why not?! Why can’t the men and women of God set the standard for the rest of the world in fashion as well as faith? That’s why we’re launching We want to set the trends.

…We’re not trying to be like the world…we just want to be fashionable while we try to change it!

Maybe if enough of us petition the site, we can have him model the right jammies to wear for our Sexperiments.

• • •

As for me, I wanna look like these guys some day…



  1. Great — I can put the bookmark for this right next to the bookmark for! (And if you haven’t seen that one … it’s a treat.)

    As far as whether or not it’s a joke: oh, it’s DEFINITELY a joke. The question is whether or not it’s an intentional joke.

    • So at Ed Young’s Church are members going to be encouraged to wear Spanx?

      Why oh why does this remind me of Magic Mormon Underwear….

      Will the Spanx help against temptation? Will the spanx help against a desire ot look at the SI Swimsuit Edition, that temptation to have an In-N-Out Burger….or even protecting someone swimming from a shark bite!?!?

      Is the Spanx what Paul means when he says, “Put on the Armor of God….?”

      Wow….Christianity in the US gets weirder and weirder…. I mean you have a Patsor in Seattle who wants to go OT on people, and a Pastor in Dallas enocuraging others to wear “Spanx”. The Mormons in Salt Lake City probably are pissed that one of their most sacred instraments of a Temple Ceremony and spiritual ideas has been stolen by Ed Young….

      I’m going to buy some pop corn and pull up a chair and watch the commotion play forth!! 😀

  2. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    There’s a rumor out there that this is a joke. Please, God, let it be.

    My gut feeling is that it’s a joke site, except…

    1) That’s what you said about “Praise Ponies” until you found them down a link.

    2) In an age of extremes, where everybody’s trying to top each other, as crazy as you go as a joke, you’re going to find a True Believer who’s twice as crazy and Dead Serious. Remember the Proof From Scripture (TM) that Aslan IS The Antichrist?

    P.S. WTF are “Spanx”? Sounds like something a Bratz doll would wear.

    Maybe if enough of us petition the site, we can have him model the right jammies to wear for our Sexperiments.

    No need to. Just find some old footage of Hugh Hefner interviews. Hef used to make that kind of fashion statement all the time while building Playboy into a corporate giant.

    • That has got to be a joke, except that HUG is right: every time you think “No, that can’t be serious”, it turns out someone really has done it.

      I Googled Spanx because I never heard of them – they’re women’s slimming undergarments? Though they do a range for men of undershirts and underwear, and I think that’s as much as any of us want to know.

      Ed Young may wear Spanx, but the Pope wears Prada! 😉

      Well, no. Not really – the red shoes were speculated to be designed by Prada, but they are made by his personal cobbler in Rome, Adriano Stefanelli – at least that’s according to Wikipedia.

  3. I don’t know if it is a joke. However, I can’t help but feel that this is secular rip-off of the style cable channel and Project Runaway. -____-. This is to me another attempt to live in a parallel universe as a means to seperate themselves from the “world”. Art and imagery is not really American Evangelical Culture’s strong suit at all, so it makes me question their ability to doing something that is connected some form of visual art like fashion. Plus, Evangelical Protestant culture is usually behind of fashion and pop culture anyways. *headscratches*

  4. So weird. It sure sounds like something you’d read in “The Door.” What does this have to do with Jesus?

  5. I am declaring unilaterally that this is a joke. Signed affidavits from Cato, the Archbishop of Canterbury and my white-haired old mother will not convince me otherwise.

    • I’m afraid with Ed Young, it’s always hard to be that sure, Jack.

    • Maybe Ed Young can launch his own line of condoms, sex toys and pornograghic movies…?

      Of course the condoms must have Ecclesiates 3:1 imprinted on them…. Ed Young will demonstrate how they are to be used of course… 😉

      • Headless Unicorn Guy says

        Ed Young will demonstrate how they are to be used of course…

        Or have Ray Comfort and his Intelligently Designed Banana as guest preachers.

  6. David Cornwell says

    It struck me as NOT being a joke, but hopefully I’m wrong. If it’s true look for another line of fashion soon, this one from Joel Osteen.

    There are all kinds of possibilities for this, especially for the Sunday morning services. Maybe one time slot reserved for “fashion.” It would pull in an entirely new clientele.

    • Joseph (the original) says

      instead of an altar call with the response being ‘walking down the aisle’, there will ‘strutting down the runway’ in the newest fashion de jour modeled by the biggest tithers/givers…

      Lord…please, please have mercy & a sense of humor… 🙁

  7. I don’t know who any of these are, and that’s fine!

  8. should be people between these and are.

  9. Steve Newell says

    Boy, I feel that my pastor is letting me down. He wears a white robe and stole every week. The only thing that changes in his attire is the stole based on the Sunday in the church year. You know, all of those pastors who are a collar are setting bake pastoral fashion by hundreds of years.

    I guess instead of looking at the latest style my pastor is wearing, I have to listen to his “Law and Gospel” sermons.

  10. Can we go back to grace week? There wasn’t any spanx in grace week.

  11. Obviously a joke. If it were a genuine site, it would be selling something. (Something sartorial, other than tee-shirts, mugs, and thongs.)

  12. its all an easter promo. watch the end of the video at the bottom.

  13. It so bothers me that we all have to wonder if this is a joke or not. Says volumes, no?

    • It surely does speak volumes that we aren’t sure.

      • True. If your REAL actions are so far out there that readers are left wondering if they clicked on “The Onion”, then maybe you should be real careful about satire.

        And how in the name of Pete is this supposed to lead a lost soul the Miracle that IS Easter??

        • Headless Unicorn Guy says

          We’re talking Grinning Ed Young here. The guy who preached his “Seven Day Sex Challenge” from a bed set up in his Megachurch pulpit the same Sunday all Western-rite Liturgical Churches were celebrating the Feast of Christ the King. This guy is not the brightest when it comes to timing.

          • Wenatchee The Hatchet says

            Young was so lacking in subtly even Driscoll alluded to him in an interview as having overdone sex from the pulpit. That’s either weirdly rich irony or a possible point (sarcastic false dichotomy alert).

  14. Obviously a joke….but a lame one.

    • It may be a joke, but any opportunity to play “Sharp-Dressed Man” is worth it.

      • Wenatchee The Hatchet says

        Agreed abotu ZZ Top. Best review I read of the band in the last decade or so was a remark that said that by now the band is as predictable as a six-pack of beer … but that sometimes you just want a cold beer and on that score the band ALWAYS delivers. 🙂

  15. Simple. Wear a priest’s collar shirt and you don’t ever have to worry about fashion any more.

    • Oh sure, now you have to worry about English round style or Latin tag style collar plus the burning question of button down collar on the shirt (to secure said clerical collar ) or other. And are we going with pure black or that snazzy looking stripe the monsignors get to wear?

      • Simple, cermak_rd: if you’re a priest, it’s black. You only get the purple if you’re a monsignor, and you’ll know if you’re a monsignor (unless you’re someone like Eddie Long and decide to nominate yourself as a bishop).

        Sometimes my Church of Ireland brother-in-law mixes it up by wearing charcoal gray instead of black – woo, that wild and crazy guy! 🙂

        • Headless Unicorn Guy says

          Unless you’re someone like Eddie Long and decide to wrap yourself in a Torah scroll and crown yourself King, you mean.

          • Wenatchee The Hatchet says

            Appropos of nothing, HUG, finally caught a few episodes of the Pony revamp. I knew that if Faust and Strong were both on board it had to be pretty good. Seen three episodes so far and the show is as solid as I figured it would be. 🙂

  16. Isaac (except when I'm Obed) says

    At least one good thing came out of Young and Spanx…. it inspired Chap Mike to put ZZ Top on the blog! Yay!

  17. Joseph (the original) says

    …and my divorce lawyer made $300/hr. helping me thru the labyrinth of legal stuff…

    just a ‘few’ hours at the computer??? computes to more like 92 hours. that does not include internet surfing, playing solitaire or streaming videos and/or other computer games…

    i bet the carpal tunnel therapy/surgery required more than the ~$7400. better stay in school, work hard making an honest living & leave the computer hacking to the professionals…

    have a good day! 😉

    • And this comment is left looking like a complete non-sequitur due to the spam you’re responding to having been zapped.

      • Joseph (the original) says

        hey, i think i will be giving up no-sequiturs for Lent! take that disappearing spambots! ha! i have decided that any future spam posts best left to the spam removers & i will remain on theme as is my nature-in-transformation…


  18. A joke, but why?

    I left lucrative, self employment in the Christian publishing industry after getting disilluioned with what people said it was about — and what I saw it to be. That wasn’t true of every author I represented, but selling books and enlarging one’s congregration, well, it’s hard to be selfless and follow Jesus outside and into the shadow of the steeple.

  19. I am leaning toward filing this one under “tempest in a teapot”.

    But then I ran across the following article by Bob Hyatt over on “Out of Ur”, entitled, “The Dangerous Pursuit of Pastoral Fame”.

    Although it may tempt the wrath of the censor gods, I have posted the link below:

    Notable quote: “We must begin to separate celebrity from pastoral work. Local church ministry should not be a stepping stone to anything, least of all to fame and fortune. It should not be easier for CNN to get in touch with a pastor than for someone in his own congregation. ” – Hyatt.

  20. I realize I’m a little late to the party on this one, but a satirical response to Pastor Young’s latest shenanigans can be found here: