December 2, 2020

Hoosiers Rejoice

Gaudete Sunday came early for Indiana University basketball fans Saturday. Here’s the shot that gave them a long-awaited win over a top-ranked team (their first since 2002). Even sweeter for Hoosier nation, it came against Kentucky. The season is young, but don’t look now, expectations just went through the roof in the heartland.


  1. Is this a legal post?

  2. David Cornwell says

    Hmm– a real strain on mixed loyalties. So I’ll just mumble.

    • David, since I grew up in Illinois, and never really had a college team of my own to root for. I am the oddest of hoosiers — I enjoy Indiana, Purdue, and Butler — all three! Of course, in the minds of some, this makes me a liberal and a compromiser, with no firm conviction. My eternal destiny may, in fact, be in question.

      • You’ll still go to heaven but the neighborhood will have a homeowners assoc. that doesn’t allow hoops in the driveways-no exceptions. The kicker is that you’ll have phenomenal 3 point range and you won’t be able to use it so you mght consider narrowing your focus and getting off the fence.

        • It’s amazing how ecumenical many Indiana people have become since Butler has been in the national championship. Nobody wants to root against the Bulldogs and Hinkle Fieldhouse, our Temple of basketball.

  3. Basketball eh? This is my baby….. 😀 😀 This is my pride and joy!!!

    Seriously Chaplin Mike…if one day in the future Marquette ever plays Indianna, do you want to beat a soft drink?

  4. As a U of Kentucky Grad School graduate, this is a bit painful to watch. This is/was the first year I’ve been excited about my old home team in a long time . . . Okay, I will show a bit of grace and empathy and share your joy.

  5. “Indiana, oh Indiana, Indiana we’re all for yooooou! We will fight for the Cream and Crimson, for the glory of old I.U. . . . ”

  6. And what would Gaudete Sunday be without the performance by Libera, Chaplain Mike?

  7. I jumped out my seat on Saturday when the ball left his hand. Amazing.

    Between that and the Bronco’s comeback, it was an exciting weekend in sports.

  8. I guess this makes up for the NCAA regional finals in 75.

    A lesson that’s still valid from that season. Don’t embarrass a team you might have to play later. 🙂