December 4, 2020

Do You Smell Something Burning?

Nothing like a little “eternal condemnation” humor to make the neighbors want to come to church.


  1. That is some “Outreach”

  2. Don’t forget the summer time favorite around here during a southern summer…

    “SO, you think it’s hot HERE right now? HELL is forever!

  3. I think it’s actually pretty funny in a corny sort of way. I think my non-Christian friends would agree. Although, I don’t think it does anything to get people into the church.

  4. The Gospel at gunpoint…

  5. Dan Crawford says

    What kind of toast? French? With peanut butter and jelly? Buttered? Oleo?

  6. This church is near where I live and I drove past this sign about a month ago.

  7. Paul Davis says

    With butter and Jam…


  8. Okay then..

    (lifts glass)

    To life!

  9. I’ve seen many interesting signs over the years. And some twisted evangelism campaigns. The worst one was in Cru called “I agree with Jason”. Some of the slickest, deceptive markting schemes I saw….

    • Margaret Catherine says

      What? What was the “hook” in that one?

    • Jason who? Jason of Jason and the Argonauts? Moral of story there: seduce foreign princess so she betrays her father’s secrets to help you steal his sacred treasure, then when you get home, dump her for daughter of king to improve your own standing and brush her off with “Did you really think I was going to stay with a foreigner?” and end up with dead kids, immolated bride-to-be and father-in-law, and wife (who you forgot was sorceress and descendant of the gods) riding off triumphantly on a dragon-drawn chariot sent by her sun-god grandfather, then end up killed by the stern-post of your famous ship hitting you on the head as you sit, alone and lonely, underneath it lamenting your glory days. Also, end up put in Hell in the Circle of the Panderers and Seducers by an Italian poet.

      Um, yeah. That works fine as a life model. 🙂

      • I think he means Jason from “Friday the Thirteenth” 😉

        • Headless Unicorn Guy says

          That WOULD be the type of Pop Culture knockoff Campus Crusade (now “Cru — see how trendy we are?”) tended toward in their Evangelical Outreaches.

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      Or “Jason” the unkillable undead serial/spree killer with the hockey mask? Star of how many slasher/splatter movies?

      (That’s what the name “Jason” means in American pop culture these days.)

  10. Glenn A Bolas says

    How Not To Evangelise

    Exhibit A

  11. That ought to really bring them in: “Come in and get your fire insurance!” 😉

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      Considering the truncated Personal Salvation gospel so many Evangelical/Revivalists preach, that’d be Truth in Advertising.

  12. I saw this on a church near us, too, a couple of months back. I do our church sign, and I told my pastor if I ever resort to such as this, please just shoot me.

  13. I just love the folks who frequent this site.