January 26, 2021

Saturday Ramblings 9.3.11

Welcome to the kickoff edition of Saturday Ramblings. My Tulsa Golden Hurricane take on my Oklahoma Sooners tonight. Wait a minute. Who am I going to root for? They are both “my teams.” Oh what a quandary. What a dilemma. I have my masters from OU. I have, um, nothing, from TU, but they have been my favorite college football team for a long time. So I will cheer for TU. Mostly I will pulling for them not to get hurt as the Sooners beat them like a rented mule. With that behind us, are you ready to ramble?

We remember the incident that occurred on Easter Sunday at Elevation Church in North Carolina when a boy with cerebral palsy was removed from the sanctuary because he was being “disruptive.” Ruth Moon of Christianity Today asked a variety of pastors and authors what they think merits a disruption. Some very interesting comments here.

Last month I was in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina to see my son graduate from Army boot camp. Unfortunately I did not see these chaplains training for combat. They need our prayers. Each of them, even the Muslims.

Perhaps these chaplains could take a copy of the Captain America Bible into combat with them. Oy…

Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist of Dallas, says America’s days are numbered. Well of course they are if they think Captain America was the originator of that verse…

As we approach another presidential campaign season, evangelical Christians are once again flexing their collective muscles to be a “force” in next year’s election. Is there a faction that is flexing mutant muscles? “Dominionism” is a word being bantered about by the media to describe a group of politically and culturally active Christians who may or may not even exist. Your thoughts?

And here is another culture event for Christians to get their shorts in a bunch over. Seems there is a some show called Dancing With The Stars. Seems Cher’s transgendered son is going to be on it next year. Seems there are a lot of angry Christians about this. Seems to me that all they need to do is turn their TVs off. Sigh…

Look, really, I don’t make these things up. I could not have made this up with a three-day head start. Seems Juanita Bynum, a self-styled evangelist, has been typing in tongues on her Facebook page. Can you see how that I had to get out of the Christian entertainment business? The laughter alone was hurting my ribs…

Happy Birthday was sung this last week to Lyndon Baines Johnson; Alex Lifeson; Jack Kirby (Marvel Comics artist); David Soul; LeAnn Rimes; Ingrid Bergman; Robin Leach; Michael Jackson; Ted Williams; Molly Ivins; Daniel Schorr; Van Morrison; Terry Bradshaw; and Jimmy Connors.

Van Morrison most definitely will be asked to lead worship in heaven. Here he is with The Band at their last public performance, captured in the greatest concert film of all time, The Last Waltz. If this doesn’t get you going today, check your pulse.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44wDwMQVqCc&feature=related’]

And then there is this–the greatest version of my favorite hymn of all. Enjoy.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJaHYduiv-w&feature=related’]


  1. Typing in tongues? Hey! I have have excuse for all of my spelling mistakes (the Lord told me to).

  2. I know ya’ll don’t like links in the comments, so anyone who cares to, search youtube for Van Morrison’s Whenever God shines His light…..great tune! Of course Into the Mystic might be one of the best songs EVER!

    • I grew up with the Band’s Last Waltz soundtrack and Van was definitely the man (Joanie Mitchel too with Coyote). Your second track – great stuff – we sing that in the Catholic Church too (OK we mumble through it since we catholics don’t sing).

  3. Van the man!

  4. Jeff-

    Congratulations on your son completing basic training and graduating from boot camp!! As a civilian I want to say thanks for sharing your son with this nation, and allowing him to protect civilians like myself. I’ve meet and known a number of people in the military over the years and they have deeply impressed me. Personally I don’t think many civilians really comprehend the risks, and sacrificies that individuals like your son take. In many ways though your family is making sacrifices are well. You have my gratitude.


  5. Typing in tongues eh? So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong all these years!! 😀

  6. Matt Purdum says

    Several years ago we discussed here how First Baptist Dallas was spending $150 million to build a new sanctuary. It’s a sanctuary that should last for six or eight decades. If they really believe America’s days are numbered, they would have spent the money in other ways. Sounds to me like cynical hyperbole designed to get publicity, play on people’s fears and prejudices, pack the pews and fill the collection plates.

  7. Nice ramblings, my soccer team got beat last week 8 points to 2

    • Yeah, Jeff: you have two teams going, so whoever wins, you’re okay.

      Meanwhile, all we Waterfordians have to look forward to is tomorrow’s All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship, when the contenders are Tipperary – who beat us in the
      Munster Final
      this year (7 goals and 19 points to 19 points; one match report accurately, if rubbing salt into the wounds described it as “Tipperary ruthlessly ripped Waterford asunder on Sunday to regain the Munster SHC championship title, in the most one-sided provincial decider in recent memory”) versus Kilkenny, who once again (as in recent years) stopped our progression to the finals by beating us in the semi-final (2 goals and 19 points to 1 goal and 16 points, which at least has the consolation of not being the worst beating they’ve ever given us in recent times – that would probably be in 2008 when they beat us by 3 goals and 30 points to 1 goal and 13 points.)

      So whoever wins tomorrow, we’re the losers 🙁

      • Martha,

        Have mercy on the Americans who read this blog and explain hurling. The word has a different connotation here, and some may associate the sport with Ireland’s other popular pastime of drinking.

        • Yeah hurling happens when you have one too many beers!! 😀

          • A game with its roots (allegedly) in Bronze Age pre-Christian Ireland, hurling is a game played by amateur teams of 15 men each (big, strong, country lads who have no problem knocking lumps out of each other with sticks – this is why certain urban sophisticates who write sports columns, i.e. Dubliners who have a rubbish hurling team and generally get beaten by either Kerry or Meath in the football as well, like to refer to it as “stick-fighting”) using a hurley to strike a ball for a goal (into the net) or a point (over the crossbar) in a game that last for seventy minutes (two halves of thirty-five minutes each).

            The big championship is the All-Ireland Final, where teams who have made it through the four provincial championships (plus a ‘back-door’ system that’s too complicated to explain) contest for the Liam MacCarthy Cup in Croke Park, national headquarters of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) on the first Sunday in September.

            Hurling is one of the two national sports, the other being Gaelic football. The women’s version is called camogie and our Scottish cousins have a version called shinty. The GAA is organised from local level (literally the parish) on up. That’s actually the main part of the fun – local rivalries from club level up to county level (e.g. Kilkenny are our neighbours to the east and Tipperary are our neighbours to the north, with Cork – another hurling power – being our neighbours to the west. These are the three best hurling teams in Ireland. As you may gather, we in Waterford have copious opportunties to get beaten on a regular basis).

            Since the Irish emigrated everywhere, there are GAA teams in Britain, America America and pretty much everywhere a Paddy pitched up 🙂

  8. I wonder if Morrison and Dylan have ever done a duet? I love them both, but I have to say that I probably understand 2/3 of their lyrics as they sing! As a duet, maybe that percentage would go down. 😉

  9. I looked at the webpage showing what the minister was typing on Facebook that people think was her typing in tongues. Hmmm….I think maybe Fluffy was walking across her keyboard. 🙂

  10. Regarding “Dominionism”….I am very happy that we have a separation of Church and State in the USA. I hope it continues that way forever. I know people get upset over not being able to have a manger scene on public property or having to remove the Ten Commandments from public places, but I think it is worth it to keep government out of the “religious” arena. This philosophy may make me in the minority among Christians, but so be it. And don’t forget…Christianity may not be the majority religion forever in the USA.

    • I can’t believe you think the US was founded on the sepatation of Church & State.
      You need to need your history books! The Founders of this country were all in the SBC & started this country as the great AWANA experiment of 1776. 😉

  11. “evangelical Christians are once again flexing their collective muscles to be a “force” in next year’s election.”

    sooo, Evangelicals “flex muscle” with insane candidates. (see Pat Robertson, Dan Quayle, Michelle Bachmann)
    Media rightly says they are a little looney.
    Evangelicals say the media is persecuting them!

    it’s the circle of strife!

    • Of course. Any criticism of evangelicals equals persecution. Mommy! Jimmy looked at me funny! Tell him to stop touching me!

    • Circle of strife eh? Hakunnak matata!!! 🙂

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      “evangelical Christians are once again flexing their collective muscles to be a “force” in next year’s election.”

      Does that include that truly awful Christian Sex Comedy movie IMonk covered a couple months ago? You know, “Just like 40-year-old Virgin, Except CHRISTIAN(TM)!”?

      The one with the Celebrity cameo appearance by Ted Haggard?

      The one whose planned release date is the height of Election season next year “to Make a Statement about Traditional Family Values”?

    • Hey. Doesn’t Pat R claim to be able to press 2000 pounds or something like that due to his Christian healthy diet and drinks he’ll sell you? Sound like he might have some muscle to flex. GDRFC

  12. Kelby Carlson says

    Belive me, dominionism exists. DOminion theology is reall, and though the actual number of dominion theologians is small, they have disproportionate influence for their size.

    • Perhaps, but not everything the Lefties call Dominionism is Dominionism. And what is really Dominion Theology the perhaps-excessive reaction to Defeatist Theology, just like the Prosperity Gospel is the extreme reaction to the Poverty Gospel.

      And anyway, as is often true about extremes- we need a dash of it. We need a dash of Dominion & a dash of Defeat in our Theology, a dash of Prosperity & a dash of Poverty is our Gospel.

      • +1

      • Sorry. I don’t think we need a dash of anything other than Jesus. Then another dash and another dash. Then a few bog dollops. He is far bigger and far more satisfying than any combination or balance of prosperity, dominionism, Calvinism, reformism, orthodoxy, heterodoxy, dispensationalism or covenantism. These are all just ideas people come up with to put Jesus in a box. As for Dominionism (and the Christian Right, and the Left too, for that matter), He said “My Kingdom is NOT of this world, and He meant it.

      • There may be a dash of this and that, but not by necessity. Grace means acceptance in spite of the dashes, not because. I do think we needlessly disqualify individuals because of one speck in their eye, that we so astutely point out with the plank in ours. Nevertheless, acceptance doesn’t excuse our quirks. Even if someone with a tree trunk in their eye points out a speck in ours, we should still get the stupid speck out of our eye, regardless of who or how it was pointed out.

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      To me, Dominionism means “The Handmaid’s Tale as a How-To Manual”.

      AKA Citizen Robespierre’s “Republique of Perfect Virtue” with the labels switched to “Taking Back Our Christian Nation”. My writing partner keeps an eye on a couple Dominionist websites; the one which scares him the most is titled “God Hath Said!”

      • Cedric Klein says

        I find The Handmaid’s Tale (and I’m just going by the movie) as realistic & insightful as I do The Protocols of the Elders of Zion or The Turner DIaries.

        • Headless Unicorn Guy says

          And there are those who HAVE used Protocols of the Elders of Zion and/or The Turner Diaries as not only Gospel Truth but a How-to Manual.

          (I had a copy of Turner Diaries high-pressured on me at a swap meet some years ago. Very surreal experience.)

  13. Here he is with The Band at their last public performance, captured in the greatest concert film of all time, The Last Waltz.

    I have The Last Waltz, and several other concert films as well – Woodstock, Monterey Pop, Queen Rock Montreal, many more, etc.

    But GIMME SHELTER is the greatest concert film of all time. Absolutely riveting, both performance-wise and story-wise. Warning: Tina Turner’s “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” in the film is NSFW.

  14. Van Morrison is an incredible musician/artist with his words and his voice. The interesting thing about performance with The Band is that he was scared to death to come out on stage. He suffers from performance anxiety. He had to be literally kicked out onto the stage to sing. His manager pushed him out, and Van brought down the house.




  16. “The Founders of this country were all in the SBC & started this country as the great AWANA experiment of 1776.” Lol… thanks, briank. You’re on a roll today!

  17. I’m familiar with dominionism from The Elijah List, which I followed for a time. Not sure if it was a matter of my theology maturing, their pronouncements becoming more strident and more blatant, or that like the pastor whose annual new year’s sermon is the same “we’re going to do great things this year” repetitiveness of all of their prophecies of doom and grandeur (or D. All of the above), I eventually just got tired of them.

    And that was probably 10-15 years ago. So yeah, the dominionists have been out there for a while (and I’ll accept whichever interpretation of “out there” you choose to read into my statement 😉 ).

  18. As a nation, we get really stressed by strict interpretations of islam (not necessarily terrorist or fundamentalist views) which espouses the dar Islam theology. It is a very small but media noisy group of men. Can’t we see how dominionist theology could make people of other religions nervous. Sigh. I’ve heard talks in masjids about using quotes from this group to illicit fear of America’s motives. Sigh. But then I’ve hear preachers quoting Muslim leader the other way. Extremes on both sides and we are all caught in the middle.

    • I guess Stealers Wheel called it:
      Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right
      Here I am, stuck in the middle with you …

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      Can’t we see how dominionist theology could make people of other religions nervous?

      Can’t we see how it makes other Christians (i.e. those Apostates and Heretics who are NOT Dominionists) nervous? As a D&D gamer, Furry Fan, and Brony I remember the Satanic Panic witch-hunts of the Eighties all too well. Now imagine those Witchfinders-General wielding the actual POWER of the State over you.

  19. ‘Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist of Dallas, says America’s days are numbered.”

    And the stating-the-obvious award goes to Rev. Jefffress! We accuse evolutionists of disregarding entropy, but somehow, if we are really, really good, America will go on forever? There’s a time to be born and a time to die. That sure seems like the problem: America has acted like the party will go on forever. We’ve burned up our resources and maxed out our credit cards. Had we planned for our eventual appointment with destiny, perhaps we would have been a little more careful and humble. Oh, I know; that’s patriotic blasphemy. President Carter told us that we need to begin being more responsible and moderate with our resources, and we kicked him out and elected a president that told us what we wanted to hear. Well, here we are.

  20. Congratulations to your son, Jeff. My daughter has sworn in and will be heading down to Ft. Jackson in a few weeks. She eventually wants to work for the FBI, and everyone who knows about such work told her to do military service and get the training there, so that’s what she’ll be doing.

    In the Orthodox Liturgy, we ask the Lord several times for mercy for those in the armed forces. Personally, I would like to be a pacifist, but this side of the Lord’s return I will always be grateful for the good military folks and their sacrifice. My dad was a Marine for nine years and saw all the worst combat of the South Pacific in WW II.

    I like this prayer a lot; perhaps it is something you can pray. (After ” for our sakes” I insert “and for the sakes of people of other lands”, since that’s what’s happening right now.)

    Prayer for Those Serving in the Armed Forces

    O Lord God of hosts, O God of our salvation, O God who alone workest wonders, do thou now look down with mercy and compassion on thy humble servants and out of love for mankind hearken and have mercy on us.

    Look with mercy, we pray thee, O Lord, on those of our sons and daughters who now serve in our armed forces, and who in obedience to their superiors have for our sakes placed themselves in harm’s way. Grant that those who request the protection of thy right hand may be overpowered by no adverse force, and may the invited defense of thy mighty power shield thy faithful sons and daughters. Watch over them, O Lord, and bring them back safely to those who love them. Grant courage and steadfast faith to them and to those who long for their return. Bring a quick and bloodless end to these conflicts and spare the lives of the innocent. Grant no increase to the numbers of widows and orphans, and relieve the privations of the bereaved and wounded, whether wounded in body or in soul. Restore peace in our day, O Lord, that thy truth may go forth unhindered, for Thou, O Lord, art the Prince of Peace and art ever-glorified with thine unoriginate Father and the all-holy, good and life-giving Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages.



    • Thanks for your daughter’s dedication Dana. I don’t think many civilians appreciate nor understand the risks people in the military take. My freedom, my right to own property, choose what I want to believe or not to believe is largely due to the sacrifices you daughter, Jeff’s son and the thousands upon thousands of talented individuals who make up the US Army, USMC, US Navy, USAF and US Coast Guard.

      Everyone who serves in the military has my deepest respect and gratitude.

  21. Charles Fines says

    Jeff, you filled in a huge gap in the education of this aging hipster today and I thank you. Fifty years ago I thought that the “British Invasion” took the American Golden Age of music and flushed it down the toilet and still think the same today. If I thought about it at all I would have confused Van Morrison with Jim Morrison, would have considered him long dead and good riddance. If you had pointed out that he had a hit with Brown Eyed Girl I would have remembered the tune and not have been impressed.

    So imagine my surprise when I decided to see what could possibly make you climb on some Boomer bandwagon and discovered that not only was Van Morrison not dead, he was still packing them in and at the top of his game. And I’m trying to think of someone younger who could catch up. I’ve been playing the clips that keep coming up on following your link and just astounded at this guy’s genius. It’s a rare occasion when someone is able to disprove that old white guys are all a bunch of dufuses. Thanks again for pulling my coat.

    • Best Wishes to your son, as well, Both of my sons decided (wisely, I might add) to go to Ft. Benning for basic Training just to avoid the conflict and potential for distracted lust that being in co-ed training might cause.

      One of them, now engaged to be married at 27 and proudly a virgin said of the experience..”Mom, by the end of basic even the over 60 year old lunch ladies with chin hair, support hose, and hairnets were looking pretty darn HOT!”

  22. And watch out, Jeff — but OU may be planning a big move! Just saw this at ESPN.com:

    The concept of the Pac-16 is again being discussed by Pac-12 officials as well as officials at Oklahoma and Texas, a source close to the situation told ESPN’s Joe Schad.
    The source said the pair of Big 12 schools know the opportunity to join the Pac-12 is their decision. Oklahoma State and Texas Tech could also join the proposed Pac-16, according to the source.

  23. Craig Sliezc says

    Well they’ve been text-messaging in tongues for awhile now.


  24. Dominionism


    If you want to listen to an interview with someone who has researched the movement.

    Interesting. I listened to it the other night while driving.

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      My last interaction with “Spiritual Warfare” was when my sister-in-law claimed my at-the-time bout of depression was because a DEMON had entered my house piggybacking on a piece of Furry Art I bought at a con.

      And my writing partner has some horror stories of Spiritual Warriors literally seeing DEMONS under every bed. Even the original IMonk said some of them make him think he stepped into a bad Star Wars prequel.

      Remember the prequel to Screwtape Letters? How there are two mistakes we make regarding the race of Devils; we either discount their existence or take unhealthy interest in them? Well, these Spiritual Warriors are taking the second route; with some of them, you’d think Satan was mightier than God — otherwise God would be defeated if it weren’t for These Spiritual Warriors. (Maybe the reason they get so shrill about the DEEMONS is because deep inside they wonder if they’re on the losing side? With all the DEEMONS everywhere, you kind of wonder who’s on top…)

      • “a DEMON had entered my house piggybacking on a piece of Furry Art I bought at a con”

        Hey, I know some fanart can be exceedingly amateurish, but surely it wasn’t that bad? 😉

        On the other hand, I’ve seen pieces of “art” that definitely could only be explained by demonic influence – anyone else remember the inexplicable popularity in the 70s of those creepy paintings of crying children? My cousin-in-law had one and I had to bite my tongue when she proudly showed it off and asked “Isn’t it lovely?” I was only fourteen, and my mother would have killed me for rudeness when visiting a relation’s house if I’d given my frank opinion, but good God almight – who on earth thought bad oils of very young girls and boys with tears rolling down their cheeks was a good idea?

        And why did otherwise sensible people buy them? I know it’s the easy exploitation of cheap emotion by evoking a sentimental reaction in ordinary working-class people who weren’t artistically educated and whose only exposure to anything aesthetic was the local church and the plaster statues of the saints and the stained glass, but dear Lord – the Francis Bacon “Screaming Pope” wasn’t as scary.

        And I see that “The Sun” did its bit to invent and propagate an urban legend about (cue horror-movie trailer announcer voice) “The Curse of the Crying Boy” – a mass-market print of a painting that’s been around since the 1950s and which allegedly turns up unburned in houses that have burned down.

        • Headless Unicorn Guy says

          Hey, I know some fanart can be exceedingly amateurish, but surely it wasn’t that bad? 😉

          Actually, it was pretty classy — a sleek cobra-woman in a white “Bond Girl” dress lounging on a soft-focus hotel bed. (I’d include a link if the artist’s web gallery wasn’t NSFW, though the picture itself is SFW.) Acquiring the picture DID trigger an attack of Depression, but that wasn’t because of anything supernatural.

          On the other hand, I’ve seen pieces of “art” that definitely could only be explained by demonic influence – anyone else remember the inexplicable popularity in the 70s of those creepy paintings of crying children?

          I think I saw an entry for those in the Encyclopedia of Bad Taste. And there were a lot of creepy and cheezy things floating around in the Seventies.

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