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Genesis: Where It All Begins (4)

What the Bible offers in the beginning is not a “works contract,” but a covenant of vocation. The vocation in question is that of being a genuine human being, with genuinely human tasks to perform as part of the Creator’s purpose for his world. The main task of this vocation is “image-bearing,” reflecting the Creator’s […]

Monday with Michael Spencer: A Chronicle of the Journey (2008)

Monday with Michael Spencer A Chronicle of the Journey (2008) In April of 06, I felt God instructing me to resign from the church I was serving. It was the church our family called home for a decade. I’d served them for 12 years. I had no idea that it was the end of almost […]

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser God’s Quiet Presence in Our Lives The poet, Rumi, submits that we live with a deep secret that sometimes we know, and then not. That can be very helpful in understanding our faith. One of the reasons why we struggle with faith is that God’s presence inside us and in our […]

The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: July 28, 2018

The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: July 28, 2018 Roller Coaster Madness!   There it is, folks — the official POV video of a ride on the old classic wooden roller coaster “The Beast” at King’s Island in Cincinnati. Tomorrow, I’ll be taking the real ride with my grandson as we spend a day together before […]

Why I am an Ally – Ministry That Helps

I have been blessed with a significant number of friends who are, or have been, Pastors and leaders within their churches. These are men and women that I respect and hold in high regard. Most of them are Canadian, and most of them are what I would term “moderate evangelicals”. My moderate I would mean […]

Mere Science and Christian Faith, by Greg Cootsona: Chapter 5- Adam, Eve, and History

Mere Science and Christian Faith: Bridging the Divide with Emerging Adults, by Greg Cootsona: Chapter 5- Adam, Eve, and History We are reviewing the book, Mere Science and Christian Faith, by Greg Cootsona, subtitled Bridging the Divide with Emerging Adults.  Today we look at Chapter 5- Adam, Eve, and History.  Cootsona starts the chapter citing […]

Another Look: Shirley

One of our team members said that Shirley “died of loneliness.” She had family, and whenever I met them they seemed to be attentive to her. I never heard her speak a word against them. But none of them were able to care for her in her final season of life. When Shirley first came […]

Genesis: Where It All Begins (3)

Genesis: Where It All Begins (3) God’s Good Creation Many students of the Bible think that Genesis 1, with its intricate structure, repetition, and the heightened character of its language, may represent an ancient liturgy confessing faith in the Creator God. If it is, then the refrain, repeated seven times, is captured in these verses: […]

Monday with Michael Spencer: “I Miss You” (A Lament)

Monday with Michael Spencer “I Miss You” (A Lament) How long, O LORD? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me? How long must I take counsel in my soul and have sorrow in my heart all the day? • Psalm 13:1-2 • • • I miss you, God. […]

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser: Don’t Be Mystically Tone-Deaf

Sunday with Ron Rolheiser Don’t Be Mystically Tone-Deaf …Mysticism is as real as science. But that’s not easy to understand or believe. We live in a world where what is real is reduced to what is physical, to what can be empirically measured, seen, touched, tasted, smelled. Today the physical is what’s real, massively, imperialistically. […]