June 2, 2020

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On Resurrection and Eternal Life (7)

Note from CM: As a hospice chaplain, my work revolves around supporting the dying and their families. I officiate many funerals. I deal with questions about death and what happens after people die. I am asked regularly about mysteries beyond our human experience in this life. Today, we come back to see more of what […]

Sundays in Pentecost: Open to the Spirit (1)

Sundays in Pentecost: Open to the Spirit (1) We begin the Pentecost season with a Sunday series of excerpts and reflections from Scot McKnight’s new book, Open to the Spirit: God in Us, God with Us, God Transforming Us. Scot is the Julius R. Mantey Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary in Lombard, IL, […]

The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: May 19, 2018

Welcome to our weekly Brunch, and thanks to Pastor Dan for holding the fort for the past few weeks. This weekend marks the end of the Easter season with the celebration of Pentecost. Michael Spencer called Pentecost “The Third Great Day” and said of it: The clear purpose of Pentecost was to bring into birth […]

The gospels according to James and Thomas – an exercise in understanding oral tradition

Let me introduce you to William Robert Bell, my Irish great grandfather.  He died of the what was then called the Spanish Flu that swept the world in 1918, one hundred years ago.  He was 38 at the time.  He was married to Sarah Jane Gordon, and had three children, Ria, Thomas (my Grandfather), and […]

The Lost World of the Flood: Mythology, Theology, and the Deluge Debate by Tremper Longman III and John H. Walton, Part 2- Propositions 7 & 8

The Lost World of the Flood: Mythology, Theology, and the Deluge Debate by Tremper Longman III and John H. Walton Part 2- Propositions 7&8 We are blogging through the book: The Lost World of the Flood: Mythology, Theology, and the Deluge Debate by Tremper Longman III and John H. Walton.  Today we will look at […]

It’s No Longer Just Fringe Theology

It’s No Longer Just Fringe Theology When I was in seminary back in the mid- to late-1980s, I remember taking a class with Don Carson on some of the Pauline letters. He remarked that students at that time had a completely different set of interests than they did just a decade before. I had been […]

Another Look: The Purpose of the First Testament

Why did the Jews compile sacred books together and form a canon of Scripture known as the Hebrew Bible or Tanakh? For what purpose did they put together what Christians have traditionally called the “Old Testament”? I believe they brought the canon of the Hebrew Bible to completion, at the end of a long process, because of […]

Mondays with Michael Spencer: John 3:16 and the Importance of the Old Testament

Note from CM: Andy Stanley raised a bit of a theological ruckus last week when he suggested to seekers of the Christian faith that they should “unhitch” it from the Old Testament. We’ll probably talk a bit more about this in the days to come, but today I thought I’d re-run this older post by […]

Sundays in Easter: The Very Good Gospel (6)

When Jesus talked about witness, he referred to our being his witnesses. We are to be his evidence as we show the world that the Kingdom of God has come. • Lisa Sharon Harper • • • On Sundays in Easter, we are hearing from Lisa Sharon Harper about The Very Good Gospel: How Everything […]

Saturday Brunch, May 12, 2018

Hello, friends, and welcome to the weekend. How about some nice brunch? We even have a nice chocolate fountain: Our brunch has a theme today. I’ve been reading a little Chesterton this month, and reminded of how insanely gifted he was in expressing deep ideas with clarity, brevity, and wit. I mean, seriously, is there […]