September 16, 2019

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Saturday Ramblings, April 30th, 2016

Hello friends. We are letting the good Chaplain have a Saturday off this week (he’s traveling to Texas to see if Joel Osteen will give a blurb for his book). So you are stuck with me. Ready to Ramble? Speaking of our good friend Joel, did you know that Morgan Freeman recently popped in to […]

Another Look: Seasons and Paths of Formation

Little children, I’m writing to you because your sins have been forgiven through Jesus’ name. Parents, I’m writing to you because you have known the one who has existed from the beginning. Young people, I’m writing to you because you have conquered the evil one. Little children, I write to you because you know the Father. Parents, […]

Mike the Geologist: Science and the Bible (Lesson 2)

Science and the Bible Lesson 2 by Mike McCann In the last essay I asserted that all truth is God’s truth.  Therefore the revelation of God through nature and the revelation of God through the bible cannot contradict; they are in perfect harmony.  However, because of our fallible human understanding of both science and scripture […]

Progressive Antidotes: The Big Question

I was intrigued by an article I put on the iMonk bulletin board yesterday. Zack Hunt posted an overview of points from Morgan Guyton’s new book, How Jesus Saves the World from Us: 12 Antidotes to Toxic Christianity. Guyton and his wife Cheryl are co-directors of the NOLA Wesley Foundation, the United Methodist campus ministry […]

Civil Religion Series: Let History Speak

Civil Religion, part six Let History Speak Presidential election years in the U.S. provide American Christians an opportunity to reflect upon our faith and how it applies to our lives as citizens and to the public issues that affect us all. We are taking many Tuesdays throughout 2016 to discuss matters like these. • • • Today we […]

Mondays with Michael Spencer: April 25, 2015

Note from CM: For the next several weeks, we will hear some of what Michael Spencer had to say on the subject of eschatology — the last things. Today, another installment from a series in 2008 called “Too Much Heaven?” • • • It is possible that the evangelical version of heaven suffers from two major problems: It is […]

Sundays in Easter with Henri Nouwen: April 24, 2016

Sundays in Easter with Henri Nouwen On the Eucharistic Life On the remaining Sundays in Eastertide, we are contemplating some words from Henri Nouwen on the eucharistic life. Our main source will be his book, With Burning Hearts: A Meditation on the Eucharistic Life. • • • As we watch the disciples walking to Emmaus, their shoulders slumped, […]

Saturday Ramblings: April 23, 2016

Spotted this week in and around Indianapolis: a lot of folks driving convertibles with the tops down! Yes, we finally cracked the 80 degree mark and made a move toward summer. How I wish I had one of these impressive Nash Ambassadors to tool around town in! And what a sweet paint job! That is one gorgeous […]

What does the New Perspective mean for the Christian life?

• • • One of the better essays on Paul that I’ve read in recent years was written by Timothy Gombis in a new book about how the New Perspective affects our understanding of the life in Christ: The Apostle Paul and the Christian Life: Ethical and Missional Implications of the New Perspective. It seems that […]

Mike the Geologist: Science and the Bible (Lesson 1)

Note from CM: Today we welcome a good friend of Internet Monk, Mike McCann, aka Mike the Geologist. It’s nice to have an actual scientist speak to issues of science and faith. • • • Science and the Bible (Lesson 1) by Mike McCann For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be […]