June 27, 2019

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Saturday Ramblings: October 31, 2015 — Scariest Creatures Alive Edition

Need a classy vehicle in which to take the little ones Trick-or-Treating tonight? Ditch that SUV and pile them into this sweet ’59 Ambassador Cross Country so they can fill it and themselves with candy and laughter. It’s Halloween. Let’s Ramble! First, this public service announcement for Daylight Savings Time (thanks, Clark Bunch!): Second, because […]

IM Book Review: The Between Time by Damaris Zehner (David Cornwell)

Note from CM: I’m so pleased to announce that Damaris Zehner’s new book has been published! It is available on Twenty-Third Publications’ website and for pre-order on Amazon.   For our readers from New Zealand (!), there is a local source. Germans can pay with Euros here and Dutch here. We’ve asked our friend David Cornwell to review it today. Congratulations, […]

Reformation Week 2015: The “Failed” Reformation

Like all of us, Martin Luther didn’t always remember or apply his own theology in the face of life’s realities. The following story by David Lose illustrates this. This past summer I was visiting Wittenberg and heard a story about Martin Luther I hadn’t heard before that seems appropriate for those observing Reformation Sunday this […]

Reformation Week 2015: Another Look — God’s Righteousness

I’m not ashamed of the good news; it’s God’s power, bringing salvation to everyone who believes — to the Jew first, and also, equally, to the Greek. This is because God’s covenant justice is unveiled in it, from faithfulness to faithfulness. As it says in the Bible, “the just shall live by faith.” – Romans […]

Reformation Week 2015 — David Lose on The Pharisee, the Tax Collector, and the Reformation

Reformation Week 2015 Reformation Day is October 31 Note from CM: I love the article by David Lose from 2013 at Working Preacher that I reference in this post: “The Pharisee, the Tax Collector, and the Reformation.” I encourage you to read it in its entirety. It is a wonderful statement about the subversive nature […]

Reformation Week 2015 — Michael Spencer on the Reformation

Reformation Week 2015 Reformation Day is October 31 Note from CM: We begin our Reformation Week posts with an excerpt from a 2007 piece by Michael Spencer, called “Letting Some of the Air Out of the Reformation Balloon.” • • • My reading on Luther and the Reformation has changed my mind about a lot […]

Sundays with Michael Spencer: October 25, 2015

Note from CM: It is, of course, time to re-post one of Michael’s Halloween rants about what evangelicals did to a simple, old-fashioned American tradition. Happy Reformation Day (and Halloween). • • • As October 31st looms, it’s time for true confessions. I grew up among Southern Baptist fundamentalist Baptists. The KJV-only, women can’t wear […]

Saturday Ramblings: October 24, 2015

It’s the last full weekend of October and the world is colorful and sad. A perfect time to pile in the old Cross Country and go for a Saturday drive. Let’s ramble!   The only thing I will say about the Cubs and their loss to the Mets in the NLCS is that this is […]

At the fall of the leaf . . .

Today, Autumn pictures and an Autumn poem for your contemplation. Autumn is the glorious falling of the year. Here are a few photos taken recently here in central Indiana. Photography is a way of prayer for me, of paying attention and learning to see with new eyes. I may post more in days to come, […]

Galatians 2:20 — A Jesus-shaped identity

I am, however, alive— but it isn’t me any longer; it’s the Messiah who lives in me. And the life I do still live in the flesh, I live within the faithfulness of the son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. • Galatians 2:20 The Kingdom New Testament • • • […]