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Saturday Ramblings, May 31, 2004

Welcome to the weekend, fellow imonkers. If any of you even thinks of mentioning the Pacers-Heat series I will look up your ISP and hunt you down. And do …  really bad things.  As soon as I can think of what they are.  You have been warned. Did you know that 33 cities have implemented […]

When Children are Pawns in the Game of War

The kid who guards Fonseca’s tomb Cradles a beat-up submachine gun — At age fifteen he’s a veteran of four years of war Proud to pay his dues He knows who turns the screws Baby face and old man’s eyes Bruce Cockburn – “Nicaragua” – From the 1984 album “Stealing Fire” Remember “Kony 2012”? This […]

God’s Scandalous Patience

God is transforming and reconciling the world. But unlike human revolutionaries who demand instant and total change, God is not impatient. The arc of the universe bends toward the full reconciliation of all creation, but — “Come, Lord Jesus!” — that arc is long. – C. Christopher Smith & John Pattison * * * I […]

Open Forum — May 28, 2014

I have a crazy week and it’s time to give you all a chance for some open discussion anyway, so we’re going to have an Open Forum today. An Open Forum means you get to talk about what is interesting you at the moment. This is your chance to get together with others and bring […]

Infinite Grace

Yet again, I enjoyed watching the film Babette’s Feast (1986) over the weekend. This delightful movie tells the story of a small sect of Christians in Denmark who live austere lives and shun pretension and ambition. A woman from France arrives in their village and becomes their cook, freeing the two daughters of the sect’s […]

Memorial Day 2014: Living with War (Neil Young)

On U.S. Memorial Day, we pray for the coming of the new creation, in which the Tree of Life will provide healing for the nations, and there will be no more war. One of the most consistent artistic voices for peace over my lifetime has been Neil Young. The following video is from an album […]

Another Look: What About the Flag in the Sanctuary? (Or How To Get Fired Really Fast.)

A Classic iMonk Post for Memorial Day, 2014 Sometime when I was in seminary, I first heard the term “civil religion” and started to understand that some people had a problem with the American flag in a church sanctuary. The flag- and its companion, the “Christian” flag- have been in every church sanctuary I’ve ever […]

Sat. Ramblings Extra: This was not the message of “Good Works Week” here at IM

Saturday Ramblings, May 24, 2014

Football Temples, 4,000 year old dinosaurs, The Church of Beyonce, and the return of the firing squad. Happy weekend, fellow imonkers. Did you know that in the history of the International Religious Freedom Act, there is only one person ever banned from entering the U.S.? His name: Narendra Modi. His occupation: He was just elected prime minister […]

Good Works Week VI: Free to Love

And thus it is impossible to separate works from faith, quite as impossible as to separate burning and shining from fire. Beware, therefore, of your own false notions and of the idle talkers, who would be wise enough to make decisions about faith and good works, and yet are the greatest fools. – Martin Luther, […]