July 19, 2019

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The 42 Books Beside My Bed

I have a bookcase in my bedroom.  Unfortunately it is full.  So books that I am reading, have recently read, or hope to read, tend to get piled up next to my bed.  I did a bit of a tidy up recently and discovered much to my surprise that I had 42 books in, around, […]

Another Look: The Bible Does Not Speak to That

Originally posted in March 2011. Edited and updated. The other day I was reading a blog that will remain unnamed. I’m not interested in interacting personally with the author or “answering” his post. I simply want to use his take on a particular subject as an illustration to make a point here today. That point […]

Theology and Life

After discussing Philemon at the outset of Paul and the Faithfulness of God, N.T. Wright takes time to present an overview of the method he is using to understand the apostle, his message, and his ministry. In short, Wright follows what he calls a “worldview-model.” Believing that studies of the Bible and Paul in particular […]

Making Belief Believable

“And there is … a type of modern man who can neither believe nor contain himself in unbelief and who searches desperately, feeling about in all experience for the lost God.” —Flannery O’Connor, Mystery and Manners At Thanksgiving, some of us were sitting around discussing the crazy reality shows we’d watched recently. Naked and Afraid […]

Thinking that Drives Me Crazy #1

Every once in a while I will put up a short post about an opinion, statement, idea, or attitude that I think deserves a quick, down-n-dirty rant. Today’s burst of bluster is targeted at a bit of pious teaching that appears aimed at sucking the pleasure out of life. I saw this tweet recently. Who […]

A Long Way from the Lake

As Jesus walked along the shore of Lake Galilee, he saw two brothers who were fishermen, Simon (called Peter) and his brother Andrew, catching fish in the lake with a net. Jesus said to them, “Come with me, and I will teach you to catch people.” At once they left their nets and went with […]

Saturday Ramblings, January 25, 2014

A student in Canada has renewed discussion about how far universities and other institutions should go in order to honor religious viewpoints.  The young man in question refuses to attend classes or discussions where women might be present.  “One of the main reasons that I have chosen Internet courses to complete my BA is due […]

When Science Changes…

In the year 1543, just before he died, Nicolaus Copernicus published “De revolutionibus orbium coelestium”. This treatise, in development for nearly 30 years, advanced the idea that the earth revolved around the sun (heliocentrism), rather than the long held idea that the earth was the center of the universe.  It is unclear whether Reformer John […]

Ken Smith on the David Jang Controversy

Note from CM: Ken Smith is an independent journalist from Washington state who was gracious enough to send us a post on a subject we thought might be of interest to iMonk readers. In September 2012, he teamed up with Ted Olsen at Christianity Today to publish two articles on what they called “The Second […]

A Poorly Developed Picture

I have seen an article promoted in recent days around the web called “The Church’s Frightful Kodak Moment.” After reading it, I posted the link on the IM Bulletin Board and today I will say a few words about it, not because I agree with the piece, but because it is important for all of […]