June 27, 2019

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A Description of Heaven and Hell?

The story of the rich man and Lazarus has long been a fire-and-brimstone preacher’s dream. The reality of the afterlife in black and white terms. The issue of salvation in sharp perspective. The urgent necessity of making a decision for Christ before death, when a “great chasm” will be fixed between the blessed and the […]

The Homily

Consider the work of God: for who can make that straight, which he hath made crooked? (Ecclesiastes 7:13, KJV) Next Paul and Silas traveled through the area of Phrygia and Galatia, because the Holy Spirit had prevented them from preaching the word in the province of Asia at that time. Then coming to the borders […]

Saturday Ramblings 9.28.13

Oh, what to do? What to do? I am a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. But I am also preparing for confirmation into the Catholic Church. So who do I have to root for today? I want to pull for the Sooners, but “Sooner” is a term for a law-breaking line jumper. And I […]

This Is Your Heart On Music

When we speak of “pop” music, we are using shorthand to describe “popular” music. Yet I cannot help but think of “pop” as in soda pop, the teeth-rotting sugar water we guzzle by the barrel. St. Paul Harvey once said, “The best thing you can say about soda pop is that it is worthless.” I […]

Another Look: Let Them Eat Cake

In conjunction with this morning’s post, we present a rebroadcast of this interview with a renowned business leader. William Sola oversees franchises all across our country and around the world. This interview was first broadcast on June 1, 2010. * * * Reporter: Hello, today I’m with William Sola, great, great, great grandson of Jack […]

How the Bible “Works” Today

In our discussion on Monday regarding Andrew Perriman’s views on eschatology, commenters asked some important questions about Perriman’s exegetical method and what it does to our understanding of the Bible. For example, Damaris wrote: Still, I see a problem in Perriman’s exegetical technique — if I’m understanding correctly: as I said above, the Bible becomes […]

Winning The War, Part V—It Is To Your Advantage That I Go Away

The layoffs, in retrospect, shouldn’t have been a surprise.  All of the signs were there, the top management jumping ship, the ramping up of the propaganda concerning the rosy future of the company, the wave of earnest young consultants walking around asking questions.  I was taken in the first wave of three, and so I […]

2,000 Light Years From Home

I recently announced on these pages my decision to leave evangelicalism to venture into Catholicism. I am taking some time to share some of what went into this decision. These are my thoughts just as it is my journey. I am not telling anyone else what to do. If you find that remaining an evangelical […]

NT Wright on the Intermediate State

This morning, as a side note, I mentioned that Andrew Perriman does not find support in the New Testament for the “intermediate state” — a place of conscious existence between death and resurrection. As you might suppose, this is an ongoing topic of discussion for me in my work as a hospice chaplain. I find […]

Hell, You Say?

If we are going to understand what Jesus and the authors of the New Testament meant when they spoke about the wrath of God or judgment or Gehenna, we have to come at the matter with an entirely different frame of mind. We have to read historically and contextually rather than theologically and abstractly. We […]