June 27, 2019

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Lady Days

The first fifteen days of August the Orthodox Church dedicates to Mary, the Mother of God.  There is a fast, the Dormition fast, that lasts from the first of the month to the fifteenth, which is the Feast of the Falling Asleep of the Most Holy Mother of God.  On this day, the 15th of […]

The Importance Of Being A Spear Carrier

We all know them, or rather, we don’t know them but we’re aware they are there.  The bit part characters.  The ones that fill up the crowd scenes in television and movies.  The chorus in operas, where a miscellaneous crowd of villagers or brigands or courtiers ‘tra-la-la’ away in the background (often with the kinds […]

The Real Silence of the Lambs

From David Hayward at The Naked Pastor:

If You Are Not Afraid, You Are Not Human

Hello. My name is Mike, and I am afraid. I am afraid of life, and I am afraid of life’s end. I am afraid of being alone, and I am afraid of being with people. I am afraid of hatred and I am afraid of love. Truth and beauty frighten me even as I delight […]

The Homily

I have heard that a good sermon will comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable. It seems that two men, much much greater than I, have done just this in recent days. Pope Francis, speaking at the World Youth Day in Rio De Janeiro, certainly afflicted the comfortable when he urged those in attendance to […]

Saturday Ramblings 7.27.13

How was your week, iMonks? Here at the iMonastery we have have had a busy week chopping vegetables, peeling fruit, baking bread, and … and … whatever you do to meat. Grill. We grilled meat. And all of this chopping and peeling and baking and grilling has left quite a mess around the place. So […]

Difficult Scripture – Why Did Jesus Stop Reading When He Did?

Over the past several Fridays we have been looking at extracts from Michael Spencer’s upcoming book, Reconsider Jesus – A Fresh Look at Jesus from the Gospel of Mark. In our extract a few weeks back Michael Spencer wrote: The good news is about God and what God is doing. It is not about me. […]

Summer Sounds from CM: Soothing Summer Nights with Pat Metheny

One of my favorite musicians is Pat Metheny, jazz guitarist extraordinaire. I especially like his work with his band, Pat Metheny Group. In previous posts I have listed their 1987 album, “Still Life (Talking)“ as one of my top five records of all time. In addition to his regular colleagues and collaborations with other musicians, […]

Longing for a Mother, not a Babysitter

I was talking to some old friends the other night and explaining why I had decided to practice my faith in the Lutheran tradition. As we were conversing, it struck me how many of us here at Internet Monk, post-evangelicals in spirit, have taken refuge in historic traditions. Michael Spencer, the original Internet Monk and […]

He Descended Into Hell

It is a strange thing for me to say that Great and Holy Saturday is one of my favorite services in the entire Orthodox Church year.   The adjectival phrase ‘favorite service’ would have had no meaning for me when I was Reformed, because all Reformed services are either identical or aspire to be so.  […]