June 27, 2019

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Renewing The Evangelical Worship Service, Part Two

This morning we began looking at some ideas that could help renew evangelicalism, or at least the weekly worship service aspect of many evangelical churches. I want to continue this discussion, but first a couple more observations. First of all, we must must must remember that the focus of the service is Jesus, not me. […]

Renewing The Evangelical Worship Service

The last two weeks I have written about saving evangelicalism. I do believe it is worth saving—or, perhaps I should say it is worth renewing. If evangelicalism is simply to be saved in its current state, a self-indulgent movement where each person is a church of one and is taught how to become the person […]

Open Mic: What Message Do We Need to Hear More Today — Grace or Holiness?

There’s a great discussion starter over at the Village Green at Christianity Today: Do American Christians Need the Message of Grace or a Call to Holiness? Three representatives contribute their thoughts: Will Willimon gives a typically Methodist view, advocating for the holiness message and defending it by saying: “While we always need grace—grace defined by us […]

The Book of the Early Prophets

The five-fold book of the Torah is followed in the Hebrew Bible by a four-fold “history” of Israel called the Book of the Early Prophets. TORAH PROPHETS Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy EARLY PROPHETS Joshua Judges Samuel Kings LATTER PROPHETS Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel Book of the Twelve   As you can see, the one difference […]

The Power of Stories

Stories are better than doctrine, at least in the way we have come to state doctrines. Over the course of my ministry, I have constantly fallen into the trap of thinking that being able to state a doctrine means that one has mastered its meaning. It’s great to be able to rattle off what we […]

A Rich World of Life and Stories and Friends and Imagination

They say you can’t go home again, and they’re right. But you can visit, and sometimes that’s enough. Last weekend, I went back to Galesburg, Illinois for the first time in over forty years. Our family lived there from the time I was a baby until I completed fourth grade. We lived in three different […]

iMonk: “The Worship Setting”

Michael Spencer’s classic post: The Evangelical Liturgy 1: The Worship Setting Originally posted Aug. 14, 2009 * * * New Covenant worship can take place any place and any time. There is no setting specified in the scriptures, neither is there any arrangement of worship externals that we are told to imitate. Our Roman Catholic […]

A Remarkable Sanctuary

This weekend, Gail and I traveled to Davenport, Iowa to visit St. Paul Lutheran Church. The Rev. Dr. Peter W. Marty is the senior pastor there, and they have a wonderful ministry in their community, to those entering the ordained life, and in needy places around the world. I encourage you to visit their website […]

Eyes Fixed on Him

“The eyes of all in the synagogue were fixed on him.” (Luke 4:20)  * * * Rather than meditate on the story told in today’s text, I’d like to riff on this one sentence and think about the spaces in which we meet to worship. This sentence communicates well the purpose for the rooms in […]

Saturday Ramblings 1.26.13

The week that was is no more, and the week that is to come has not yet. But for some reason, the kitchen is really a mess right now. So before the week that isn’t becomes the week that was, and before I tackle a stack of dirty dishes, what say we sally forth into […]