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iMonk Classic: The Great Pumpkin Proposes a Toast

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer Undated The following toast was taped at the 4,231st Halloween Dance and Potluck, held this year in the basement of the Salem, Masachusetts City Hall. The guest toastmaster was The Great Pumpkin, well known advocate of Halloween among children. Those in attendance included a variety of witches, ghosts, fairies, […]

Reclaiming the Reclamation

Once again, we are fast approaching that time of the year that both earnest Christians and earnest neo-Pagans agree is a pagan festival.  I mean, of course, Easter. Oops – too early (or late, depending how you count).  No, it’s Christmas, obviously.  At least, you might well think so from the deluge of pre-Christmas advertising […]

Interview: More from Miguel

Read Part One of our interview with Miguel Ruiz. In this second part, Miguel shares some insightful words about his own understanding of worship, and how he tries to meet the challenge of both drawing on tradition and ministering to younger generations. * * * You have been involved with both the contemporary evangelical church […]

Meet My Choir Director

Note from CM: When Gail and I started attending Risen Lord Lutheran Church, we were blessed and encouraged by the music. The liturgy was simple and beautiful, and the quality of musicianship high. We were impressed with the choir and soon joined. This was a personal joy for us, for Gail and I met while […]

Prayers for Those Affected by Storms

I thought these prayers, sent out from the ELCA, might be helpful to those who want to voice their concerns to God regarding our neighbors being affected by Hurricane Sandy: * * * Prayer for those in the midst of the storm: Merciful God, when the storms rage and threaten to overtake us, awaken our […]

“The Church’s Richest Jewels”

In 1539, late in his career, Martin Luther wrote “On the Councils and the Church.” One avenue for reformation that Luther and others had regularly called for was a church council. Over the course of time, however, Luther became disillusioned that a “free, Christian council” could be convened that would properly reform the church and […]

Denise Spencer: Leading Music in a Small Catholic Parish

NOTE from CM: One thing I wanted to accomplish during Church Music Month was to let us hear from people who are working week-in and week-out to serve local congregations in music ministry. It’s all well and good to talk about our “theology of worship” or to discuss such matters theoretically. But when it comes […]

The Campaign Ad We’ll Never See (Too Bad)

Voiceover: And now for a joint message from President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney… OBAMA: As the election draws near, we thought it would be a good idea to do the right thing in this campaign, and tell the truth to the people of the United States of America. The fact is, despite what […]

“A Good Christian Is Always an Infant”

Sacramental Thoughts for Sundays Sunday, October 28, 2012 “A Good Christian is Always an Infant,” from Luther: Man Between God and the Devil, by Heiko Oberman * * * …for Luther this constituted a decisive point. Infant baptism revealed the meaning of  baptism. From Luther’s standpoint one could not genuinely preserve baptism while repudiating infant […]

Saturday Ramblings 10.27.12

Welcome to the annual edition of Saturday Ramblings where we eagerly await those little people all dressed up in strange costumes who come to our door wanting something from us. No, not the trick or treaters. I’m talking about political pollsters. Imagine their surprise when I tell them I’m voting straight party line this year, […]