August 19, 2019

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iMonk Classic: Rebaptism – What Is It?

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From September 2008 I’m going to write about rebaptism, an issue that has deeply affected and weakened my own denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, and an issue that touches every Christian communion I am aware of in some way. Rebaptism is a very emotional issue. One reason we don’t […]

Saturday Ramblings 9.8.12

Good morning, iMonks. How is the weather where you are? Here in the flyover state I call home, it has cooled down from the 100s to the low 80s. Break out the mittens and scarves. Put another log on the fire (and tell me why it is you’re leaving me). And while we’re at it, […]

Together on a Stretch of Green

To begin with, as I say, my introduction to golf came when I started swinging myself out of my shoes with that old cut-down ladies’ club at age three and was taken by my father to the golf course, where I was permitted to ride on his lap while he was mowing fairways with gangmowers […]

Daniel Jepsen: A Season of Nothingness

Daniel blogs at Random Musing on Life, the Universe and Everything * * * I will be doing nothing this fall.  For three full months, I will have no deadlines, to-do lists, phone calls or emails to answer. Nothing. I will be hiking, praying, reading, and spending time with my family. And I will still […]

The Giant David Could Not Kill

We heard earlier this week from guest poster Matthew Redmond on why he is not excited about church. Oh how I echo his feelings. I have been in church, involved in church, serving the church, working for the church, sweeping up after the church for going on 40 years now. I’ve been in the back-room […]

Another Look: The Art Of Doing Nothing

In light of what Chaplain Mike, et al, shared last week about slowing down, I thought we could take another look at this post from 2011. Or maybe it was just that this post talks of snow and it’s 105 here in Oklahoma right now. Or maybe the pictures from Calvin and Hobbes caught my […]

Summarizing the Gospel (in 7 words)

I saw this the other day and then noticed Scot McKnight had picked up on it on his blog also. Over at The Christian Century, David Heim reports on an invitation the publication gave to their authors. They asked them to come up with a concise summary of the Gospel message in seven words or […]

Quotes from Some of Our Friends…

Tim Gombis shared a statement he heard about what it means to “grow in grace.” This is worth sharing again: To grow in grace is to learn to love, to hope, to unify, and to trust, and no longer to separate, manipulate, manage, and control.  It is to move from self-regard and self-protection to other-regard, […]

Matthew B. Redmond: I Am Not Excited about Church, but…

Matthew blogs at Echoes and Stars. * * * Where’d you get them scars? How blue is your heart? Is it sad enough to break? She said, “It’s sad enough to break.” – Brian Fallon The two pastors of the church we have been attending, took me to lunch this past week. We talked about […]

Water, Water Everywhere! The Lutheran Baptismal Liturgy

How can water do such great things? Answer. It is not the water indeed that does them, but the word of God which is in and with the water, and faith, which trusts such word of God in the water. For without the word of God the water is simple water and no baptism. But […]