July 19, 2019

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Pastoral Resources for Visiting the Sick and Dying

After this morning’s post, some have asked questions about resources for pastoral care, especially when it comes to visiting and ministering to the sick and dying. Let me give a few suggestions. First, the mainline and historic traditions usually have excellent resources for ministers. The contents of the best of these prayer books and pastor’s […]

Eagle Updates — 7/31/12

Update 5:30pm — I spoke with Eagle by telephone earlier this afternoon. He said he feels very run down, but there are some positive signs. “Slow progress,” he called it. More than anything else, he said how much he has been impressed by the grace that has been coming his way through all of you. […]

A Central Part of the Mission

NOTE FROM CM: It was back in Nov. 2009 when I wrote my first piece for IM, an interview with Michael Spencer about pastoral care for the dying. The timing was ironic, for it took place right before Michael became ill with cancer. You can read the entire interview HERE. Today, in light of several […]

Urgent Prayer Request

UPDATE: 10:00pm, 7/30, from Dee at Wartburg Watch: I was told by the ICU nurse that Eagle has been transferred to another floor. She would not give me further information but said he would not be be able to receive phone calls for the next hour or so.  I will probably not update this until […]

Sermon: Jesus vs. the Little Red Hen (John 6:1-15)

For the next five weeks, the lectionary parks in John, chapter 6, and churches who follow it will be reading about Jesus as the Bread of Life. That theme brought an old favorite children’s story to my mind this week. * * * Once upon a time there was a little red hen. She lived […]

Classic iMonk: The Law/Gospel Rant

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From July 2009 NOTE: Despite the fact that this post is law, you should still read it  I want to talk about a specific problem in preaching and teaching: the problem of preferring law over Gospel. I consider the primary problem with preaching and teaching in my Southern Baptist […]

Saturday Ramblings 7.28.12

Welcome to the Opening Ceremonies version of Saturday Ramblings. Sorry, we don’t have Mary Poppins or Mr. Bean, but, well, I have been to England. Does that count? And I like British humor. I know what bangers and mash are, but still haven’t figured out why I would want to eat anything called “blood pudding.” […]

Classic Film Review: Babette’s Feast

Two elderly sisters named Martine and Philippa lived in a small community on the bleak coast of Denmark. Their father was the pastor of a small Christian sect characterized by simple living, sacrificial service, and strict separation from the world. When they were young, they had opportunities to marry but did not. They remained serving […]

Roger E. Olson: “God, Guns, and Guts”

Note from CM: I have long thought that many American Christians have a moral blind spot when it comes to violence. Last week’s horrific attack in Colorado has brought the specific matter of gun violence to the front pages once again. Though numbers have been declining in recent years, the FBI reports that there were […]

What Does It Take To Be A Christian?

I spent quite a bit of time on Tuesday reading Daniel Jepsen’s post on the genesis of Genesis. And while I agree with Jepsen’s conclusions, I’m aware there are many others who may not buy into all—or any—of what he says about the intended purpose of Genesis. Which got me to thinking: Can a person […]