June 27, 2019

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Sights along the Road…(4/30/12)

Welcome back to this feature that we started on Sundays during Lent. I’m thinking we’ll take a road trip about once a month now. So, make sure your seat belts are fastened — Hey, everyone went to the bathroom already, right? Good, because it’s time to hit the road. This week, Gail and I will […]

iMonk Classic: Enough Courage to Go Around

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer from May 2008 If the truth about Christianity turned out to be very different from what we’d been taught as young Christians by people we look up to as mentors and authorities, would we stand up and tell the truth? Would we make the turn and go the other […]

Tim Gombis on Evangelical Resistance to the Gospels

Note from CM: On Fridays we have been reflecting on Timothy Gombis’s excellent book on Ephesians. I’ve been looking at some of the other things he has been writing, and I’m impressed. Tim is a fellow Chicagoan and Cubs fan (poor guy), and he teaches New Testament at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Just the other […]

Saturday Ramblings 4.28.12

It has been a fairly quiet week here at the iMonastery. We have been going about our duties and offices as usual. Still, somehow we end the week with a mess of leftovers. Being the thrifty and lazy monks that we are, we have poured everything into a mixing bowl, added some breadcrumbs, put it […]

A Gospel-Shaped Imagination

Fridays in Ephesus (3) A Gospel-Shaped Imagination During Eastertide on Fridays, we are reflecting on insights from Timothy Gombis’s recent book, The Drama of Ephesians: Participating in the Triumph of God. • • • Timothy Gombis suggests that Ephesians 1:3-14, the panoramic doxology that opens Paul’s epistle, is designed to give Christian people “Gospel-shaped imaginations.” […]

Another Look: Those Who Dance Are Considered To Be Insane By Those Who Can’t Hear The Music

I wrote this nearly two years ago. I thought it would be well to revisit it in light of Chaplain MIke’s post yesterday morning on listening for God’s word. Listening for God’s voice is not a topic we can get too much of.   And the word of the Lord was rare in those days; […]

Open Forum — April 25, 2012

This afternoon, I want to give you, our iMonk community, a chance to simply talk among yourselves. I’m not going to suggest a topic or prime the pump, it’s up to you. I still want you to play nice, but I also want you to have the chance to introduce a subject for discussion, ask […]

Listening for God’s Word

Journey into New Life, part three Listening for God’s Word (Luke 24) Our Gospel text for this Easter season is Luke 24:13-35, the story of the risen Lord’s encounter with his disciples on the road to Emmaus. In this passage Luke tells us what it means to walk with the living Lord Jesus Christ. It […]

“Genesis for Normal People” — Pete Enns’ New E-Book

Genesis for Normal People: A Guide to the Most Controversial, Misunderstood, and Abused Book of the Bible by Peter Enns and Jared Byas, Patheos 2012 • • • For a limited time, you can download Peter Enns’ new e-book, Genesis for Normal People, for $1.99 and read it on your Kindle or other device. Later, […]

Eulogies and Dyslogies for Charles Colson

Wow Frank. Tell us how you really feel. Over the weekend Frank Schaeffer published one of the angriest and most ill-timed screeds I’ve ever read. On his blog he wrote a dyslogy of Charles Colson (1931-2012), the evangelical Christian Right spokesman who died Saturday, and called it, “Colson: An Evangelical Homophobic Anti-Woman Leader Passes On”. […]