June 6, 2020

Archives for January 2012

Paul Wallace Says, “Intelligent Design Is Dead”

“Because ID is established in scientific ignorance, it cannot last. It is passing even now.” • Paul Wallace • • • In an article on the Huffington Post, Paul Wallace has stated his agreement with those who declare that the Intelligent Design movement is dead. But rather than list and explain the scientific reasons for […]

Some Thoughts Heard around the Web on…the Bible

Loving the Bible for what it is, not what I want it to be January 2, 2012, by Rachel Held Evans My relationship with the Bible has been a lot like that of a daughter to her parents. I’ve been through the happy, childlike dependency stage, the one where I believed the Bible was impenetrable, […]

Daniel Jepsen on Newt Gingrich, the Religious Right, and Rank Hypocrisy

NOTE FROM CM: Oh boy, another presidential election year is upon us in the good ol’ US of A! Here at Internet Monk, we don’t usually talk much about politics. It was the Apostle Paul who warned us, “Avoid the profane chatter and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge…” (1Tim 6:20). It seems to […]

Ben Witherington on Bad Protestant Ecclesiology

In his New Year’s Day post, Ben Witherington puts his finger on one of the matters that soured me on evangelicalism. Long a theological question in my mind, it became a personal and vocational issue for me when I served in my last position as a minister in a local congregation. Witherington’s piece is about […]

The Violin Guild, by N.T. Wright

To begin the new year, a story from Tom Wright to get us all thinking…   See John 10:22-42. Video created by five staff members from Calvary Church, Santa Ana, CA.