October 24, 2020

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2012 Post of the Year

I have no authority to confer awards, but I’d like to give one today. As I look back over 2012 and all that we wrote and received at Internet Monk, one particular post stands out. I, Chaplain Mike, did not write it. Nor did our gifted Abbott, Jeff Dunn. It was not produced by Martha, […]

Jan. 2013 — Considering the First Testament

During the first month of 2013, we will devote many of our posts to subjects on Biblical studies in the First Testament. We will begin on New Year’s Day with my perspective on “The Purpose of the First Testament.” My life was changed in the 1980’s when I took several classes from Dr. John Sailhamer at […]

When Jesus Grows Up

“Finding [Jesus], of course, will normally involve a surprise. Jesus doesn’t do or say what Mary and Joseph…were expecting. It will be like that with us too. Every time we relax and think we’ve really understood him, he will be up ahead, or perhaps staying behind while we go on without thinking. Discipleship always involves […]

An iMonk Classic in Anticipation of 2013

 Just Beyond the 100th Time by Michael Spencer, Dec. 2008 Dedicated to all of you on the same journey. Keep faith and keep going. You’re not alone. It’s time for one of your favorite programs here at Internet Monk.com: “Secret, Terrible, Unspoken Thoughts…REVEALED!” Today’s secret thought was uttered by a commenter in a recent discussion […]

Saturday Ramblings 12.29.12

Well, iMonks, we did it again. We made it through another year. Or at least almost. I guess there are a couple of days left in this one. Might as well use them up before we throw out the whole thing. So if you are ready, let’s saddle up one more time this year and […]

2012 Most-Discussed Posts

JANUARY 2012 The always controversial Mark Driscoll and the buzz generated by reports of “church discipline” at Mars Hill Church and the release of his book, “Real Marriage,” stirred up conversation at the beginning of 2012. Then, there was an email I received in response to our Driscoll posts. It came from a young man […]

Looking For A Few Good Books

It’s the silly season here at the iMonastery. We’re still cleaning up from Christmas, and waiting for the calendar to turn. As I look forward to the new year (it can’t be any harder than 2012 has been, can it?), I’m looking at my bookshelves and not seeing anything that jumps out at me to […]

Another Look: Those Who Dance Are Considered To Be Insane By Those Who Can’t Hear The Music

And the word of the Lord was rare in those days; there was no frequent vision. (1 Samuel 3:1, ESV) For so many of my almost 37 years following the Lord, there has been no frequent vision, at least not for me. My “words from the Lord” have come through sermons and books I read. Even […]


We could see close to a foot and a half of snow here in central Indiana today — a rare event. I am heartily in favor.

A Blessed Christmas to You from Internet Monk