August 12, 2020

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all here at the iMonastery: First Lady Denise Spencer, Chaplain Mike, Damaris Zehner, Lisa Dye, Martha of Ireland, Joe Stallard, Adam Palmer, Joe Spann, Craig Bubeck, and your grateful publisher. We extend glad tidings to one and all. Thank you for making InternetMonk your home for great conversation, encouraging words, and the […]

Christmas Day

Nativity of Our Lord — Christmas Day December 25, 2011 Isaiah 62:6-12 Psalm 97 Titus 3:4-7 Luke 2:1-20 Prayer of the Day All-powerful and unseen God, the coming of your light into our world has brightened weary hearts with peace. Call us out of darkness, and empower us to proclaim the birth of your Son, […]


Nativity of Our Lord — Christmas Eve December 24, 2011 Isaiah 9:2-7 Psalm 96 (11) Titus 2:11-14 Luke 2:1-14 [15-20] Prayer of the Day Almighty God, you made this holy night shine with the brightness of the true Light. Grant that here on earth we may walk in the light of Jesus’ presence and in […]

Saturday Ramblings 12.24.11

Merry Christmas Eve, iMonks! Lisa has put out the milk and cookies for Santa, Martha and Damaris have hung the stockings by the chimney with care, and the Synonymous Rambler is playing carols on the harpsichord. Meanwhile, Chaplain Mike and Adam are trying to remember all of the reindeers’ names, and Joe Stallard is still trying […]

The Magnificat vs. Today’s Gospel (3)

Today we conclude our posts on Mary’s Magnificat. In the first post, we contrasted Mary’s song with the “soterian” gospel that focuses primarily (if not solely) on personal salvation. In contrast, we affirmed that in the Magnificat, “Mary proclaims the Gospel. As we will see, it is no mere ‘personal plan of salvation,’ no ‘steps’ […]

Candy Canes

I often hear the phrase “the reason for the season” at this time of year. In case you are wondering what the reason for this season is, I can tell you in one five-letter word. Sugar. Pure, one hundred percent cane sugar, and lots of it. To quote that great keeper of Christmas, Buddy the […]

Another Look: The First To Hear

This is another look at a post first published here last December. It is the story of the first ones to hear the announcement that the Messiah had been born and placed in a manger. It’s a great reminder to us all that losers are welcomed by our Lord. 8 That night there were shepherds staying […]

The Magnificat vs. Today’s Gospel (2)

Today, I had marvelous conversation with an African-American woman who had grown up in Mississippi, moved to Indianapolis, whose family had relocated to other rust-belt cities like Chicago and Detroit in the 1960’s and 70’s. She could talk about picking cotton, participating in civil rights marches, employers who were members of the Ku Klux Klan, […]

Contradicting the World’s Propaganda

Long before I read N.T. Wright and other contemporary authors, my eyes were opened to what Scot McKnight calls “The King Jesus Gospel” through the work of the great Roman Catholic Biblical scholar, Raymond E. Brown. His two little books, A Coming Christ in Advent, and An Adult Christ at Christmas, though considered “liberal” by […]

The Magnificat vs. Today’s Gospel (1)

Scot McKnight ran a post earlier today called, “Justin Holcomb and the Soterian Gospel.” In it, he commented on a piece by one of the pastors at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, designed to answer the question, “What Is the Gospel?” McKnight rightly commends Holcomb for an excellent presentation of a certain kind of “Gospel” […]