June 18, 2019

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Meditations from Gethsemani

Monday Merton Musings, Oct 31, 2011 Meditations from Gethsemani It is good to be back with you, my friends. Thank you for understanding my need for a sabbatical. The past few months have been among the most intense and draining of my life. My edges were becoming all frayed and sparks flew whenever I got […]


Chaplain Mike BEFORE his sabbatical…

The Internet Monk Annual Halloween Rant

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From October 23, 2008 Originally published at the Steve Brown, Etc. Guest Room Blog. You also might enjoy “The Great Pumpkin Proposes a Toast,” from deep in the IM archives. Here’s a good post on “How to have a great Catholic Halloween.” No Protestants are harmed. It’s OK. • […]

What’s the Point?

I’m generally pretty pragmatic.  Before I do something, I like to know that it’s a good use of my time and resources.  I like to be able to anticipate a return for my effort.  I’m aware that I can’t do everything, so I try to choose deeds that will count, will really make a difference. […]

Saturday Ramblings 10.29.11

  So, Game 6 of this year’s World Series. What a game! Can you believe it? It was such a tense nail-biter that it actually gave our regular rambler Jeff Dunn a bit of a heart condition, so he had to galumph over to the local hospital for observation. Currently his ticker is lub-lubbing along […]

Bride Of Top Ten Things People Hate About The Catholic Church

Welcome back for another go at telling me what you think is wrong with the Catholic Church. This is the second half of my top ten list of reasons I have heard or read or, maybe on the rare occasion, voiced myself about the Church. March on, dear reader, and give me your best shot. […]

Computer Wanted

Well, I guess it had to happen. My trusty MacBook has seen better days. It is on the cusp of giving up the ghost. This is the computer I use to keep iMonk up and running. It sees pretty heavy usage each day. But now … well, I am having to do all kinds of […]

Top Ten Things People Hate About the Catholic Church

Top Ten Things People Hate About the Catholic Church, or, “I’ve suffered for my art, now it’s your turn”.  Oops, sorry!  Wrong quote! shuffles through notes “Rum, sodomy and the lash”?  That’s the British Navy.  Or a cracking album by the Pogues.  Still not quite there. rustle of papers Ah, here we are!  “Rum, Romanism and […]

Welcome To The World (Atheist Remix)

Last week Craig Bubeck took at look at a video that has been making the rounds, a video prepared by the Thinking Athiest.  Craig then gave us his counter-narrative. Today, Liturgical Gangsta Daniel Jepsen looks at Welcome to the World–the atheist remix. By Daniel Jepsen My child, welcome to this world. Before you grow up, […]

The Punchline

Many of you who read my post on Sunday night have been kind enough to ask about my health, encouraging me to get to the doctor for a follow-up. One of my close friends even said, “See? All of those people on iMonk are telling you to go to doctor. You need to listen to […]