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iMonk Classic: A Reformation Day Meditation

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From October 31, 2005 Note from CM: On this week when we have been focusing on the Bible, this meditation from Michael Spencer on the state of the church in his region, especially with regard to seriousness about Biblical and theological depth, is a lament and cry for God […]

A Hymn for Ordinary Time (6): Another for Bible Week

By Chaplain Mike As I’ve thought about hymns to go with our Bible Week emphasis, it strikes me that there are not many songs we sing about the Bible. And that is how it should be. For the point of the Bible is not to point to itself but to the One who revealed his […]

Imagination Poor: A Must Read from Skye Jethani

By Chaplain Mike Back in January, I posted a children’s sermon I gave in a worship service in a quaint old Midwestern Presbyterian sanctuary. In that message, I focused on the surroundings and elements of the service the boys and girls could observe. I reminisced about what I remembered from my childhood about church—light streaming […]

Saturday Ramblings 7.30.11

One million is a very large number. Well, maybe not when it comes to the government and its debt ceiling. But it is a huge number to us at the iMonastery. We have had one million iMonks visit the abbey since this time last year. One million. That’s not “hits,” that’s not “page views.” One […]

My View of Scripture (at this point)

By Chaplain Mike Today, I would like to present, for your consideration and discussion, a ten-point summary of my perspective on Scripture (at this point in my understanding). The Bible is from God. It is one of the means by which God has made himself known to human beings. The various books of the Bible […]

Lest We Forget

Too many good books go out of print, and too many good writers are forgotten.  From time to time we here at InternetMonk need to remember these lost treasures and pass them on to the next generations.  With that in mind, I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite writers. I see […]

The Scandal Of Forgiveness

This is the post that will have me burned at the stake, or hanged, drawn and quartered, or at the very least tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail. The topic was mentioned on here recently about the Irish government’s plan to introduce mandatory reporting of child abuse, with particular reference to […]

John Stott Has Gone Home

By Chaplain Mike This editor’s note from Christianity Today this afternoon: John Stott died today at 3:15 London time (about 9:15 a.m. CST), according to John Stott Ministries President Benjamin Homan. Homan said that Stott’s death came after complications related to old age and that he has been in discomfort for the last several weeks. […]

Meditating on Scripture

By Chaplain Mike I was convinced at an early point in my adult Christian life that learning, loving, and living the Bible was essential to my Christian growth. My journey for much of the past thirty-five years has been primarily about studying and teaching the Scriptures. If I had not been a pastor, I would […]

Accessible NT Bible Commentaries

By Chaplain Mike In my opinion, the church owes a great debt to N.T. Wright in the area of biblical theology. Few in my lifetime have had the kind of impact on NT studies that Wright has. Every serious student of theology should read his “Christian Origins and the Question of God” series that now […]