August 10, 2020

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Another Look: Surd Evil, Serpents, and the Cosmic Battle

By Chaplain Mike Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid. I am with you. • Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking I had not planned on re-running this post, but I think our discussion on death before the Fall demands that we review it. A common Christian viewpoint attributes all the […]

One of the Stickiest Issues

By Chaplain Mike The interpretation of the creation narrative in Genesis 1 and the subsequent stories in Genesis 2-3 forms one of the battlegrounds in the current “creation wars.” However, the arguments go beyond Genesis. In fact, the stickiest issues grow out of the way the Apostle Paul makes use of the story of Adam […]

Another Look: Life in the King’s Garden (Bible Study on Gen 2)

By Chaplain Mike Before we dive into making comments about the “Historical Adam” controversy that the recent cover story in Christianity Today highlighted, I thought it would be good to review a couple of posts that we did last year. These are Bible studies of Genesis 2-3. I will reproduce them and update them here […]

The Crossroads

Last month, at Easter, my family and I joined the Catholic Church.  Each of us would phrase our reasons for doing so somewhat differently, but here are a few of mine.  I offer them not to preach or gloat, just to share a decision faced by quite a few of us in the post-evangelical wilderness. […]


By Chaplain Mike Today’s Gospel: Luke 24:44-53 On a Facebook status update today, John Michael Talbot wrote: “The Ascension is not really a departure. It is entering into a new more dynamic manner of presence beyond the bounds of ordinary space and time. It is the assurance that Jesus is with us always during the […]

Get Ready for the Next Battle

By Chaplain Mike “So, is the Adam and Eve question destined to become a groundbreaking science-and-Scripture dispute, a 21st-century equivalent of the once disturbing proof that the Earth orbits the sun? The potential is certainly there: the emerging science could be seen to challenge not only what Genesis records about the creation of humanity but […]

Saturday Ramblings 6.4.11

Our rambler-in-chief is visiting his family in Ohio this week, so Saturday Ramblings duties have fallen to me, Adam Palmer. Four months ago I was curled up by the fire while two feet of snow fell outside. Today I am curling up from the fiery heat while, uh… putting my two feet into snow… cones? […]

The Liturgical Gangstas Talk about Leisure & Recreation

Presented by Chaplain Mike UPDATE: This just in. Gangsta Joe Boysel has joined the conversation. He said something about being out on a “job.” Not sure what that means, but he looked much more relaxed than the last time I saw him. Take a few minutes, even if you’ve already read the original post, and […]

A (Very) Short Overview Of The Papacy: Part Deux

Martha of Ireland took us on a short, fun ride through the lives of some of the more colorful Popes this morning. Now she explores the role of Pope in history, as well as the reason we have Popes. I am always enlightened when I read what Martha shares, but this is something the Holy […]

A (Very) Short Overview Of The Papacy

My oh my. I ask Martha to consider writing something on the papacy and she delivers posts that have me both laughing until my sides hurt, and rejoicing in our incredible sovereign God. In Part One, Martha takes a merry romp thru the history of some of the more, shall we say, colorful Popes over […]