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Another Look: Pastoral Care of the Dying, Part Two

By Chaplain Mike Here is the second part of Michael Spencer’s November 17, 2009 interview with me about “Evangelicals and Pastoral Care of the Dying.” (If you are coming to this discussion late, see the introduction to yesterday’s post.) INTERVIEW, PART TWO 4. At what point is it appropriate for a minister to talk about […]

Another Look: Pastoral Care of the Dying

By Chaplain Mike Back on November 17, 2009, I wrote my first post for Internet Monk. Actually, it was an interview that Michael Spencer did with me called,“Chaplain Mike Mercer: Evangelicals And The Pastoral Care of the Dying: The IM Interview.” Lately, as I have solicited questions for the “Ask Chaplain Mike” posts, several readers […]

For Memorial Day 2011

By Chaplain Mike I offer this, my favorite music video of all time, on America’s Memorial Day, for all who have died because of war, with a prayer that the day will come quickly when all such fighting and dying shall cease. Now the sun’s gone to hell And the moon’s riding high Let me […]

iMonk Classic: Conversations with Michael Spencer

Let me be the first to say that I am enjoying the discussions we’ve been having lately on Internet Monk. I plan to incorporate more discussion sessions in the near future through “Ask Chaplain Mike” and “Let’s Discuss…” posts. Readers have sent in thoughtful questions via email and in the comments I’ve received several ideas […]

Easter VI

By Chaplain Mike Today’s Gospel: John 14:15-21 these are the words an orphan longs to hear i will give i will come i will abide and i will be with you forever and you will see you will live you will know and you will be loved forever and sometime in the night when love […]

The Insatiable Beast Takes Another Bite

By Chaplain Mike That wonderful old Christian satire magazine The Wittenberg Door used to have a regular feature called, “Truth Is Stranger than Fiction.” That would be an apt way to describe this story I came across today. I couldn’t have made this up in a thousand years. And I don’t know whether to laugh […]

Saturday Ramblings 5.28.11

Greetings, iMonks. Once again we have reached the week’s end. Every time we have a Friday, Saturday invariably follows. I like Saturdays. They’re great for hiking, yard work, running to the big box home improvement store to buy things for the yard, wondering why after applying weedkiller my grass is not growing but the weeds […]

Ask Chaplain Mike: “A Tenuous Seat in the Mainline”

By Chaplain Mike Last week, we started a new series called, “Ask Chaplain Mike.” Readers submitted questions via email and I will continue to answer them, devoting a post or two each week to your inquiries. When I start running low on questions, I will let you know, and we will solicit more. I have […]

Graduation Day

This is a fun time of year when we get to celebrate with those graduating from high school or college. I will be traveling to Ohio next week to take part in my niece’s high school graduation. You may be attending graduations or open houses in the next few weeks yourself. It really is a […]

Love Makes Us

“God, loving what is not yet and putting faith in us, continually begets us, since love is what begets.” — Carlo Carretto If love is what makes us, then we all, at least in the infinite mind of God, are fully made because God so loved the world. Why then do we often feel undone, […]