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iMonk Classic: The Little Red Book

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From May 2, 2008 “Only Scriptural Baptist churches can make a legitimate claim to an unbroken succession back to the time of Christ and the apostles. Christ only built one kind of church and that church is described in detail in the New Testament. The only churches meeting the […]

Saturday Ramblings 4-30-11

England? Something happened in England, huh? Another soccer riot? The development of a car with a working electrical system? What’s that? Wedding? Who got married? Not Sir Mick again. Bill and Kate? Never heard of ’em. So, since it is not something that holds my interest more than the requisite four seconds, I suggest we […]

Living as Easter People (2)

By Chaplain Mike “Therefore we have been buried with Him through baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life.” (Romans 6:4) During Eastertide, we are examining texts from Paul’s epistles that discuss the “newness of life” […]

David Wilkerson: May 19, 1931-April 27, 2011

I first read The Cross And The Switchblade in its comic book format. I had been a Christian for less than a year when I picked this up and read it. What struck me was the story of a man who heard the Lord calling him, and he obeyed. He heard the Lord calling and […]

Writers’ Roundtable: The Coming Collapse Of Evangelicalism

In January, 2009, Michael Spencer fired a shot across the bow of the evangelical church with a three part series, The Coming Collapse of Evangelicalism. (You can access all three parts here.) I have asked our iMonk writers to revisit these posts for today’s roundtable discussion. We are two-plus years removed from Michael’s predictions. Was […]

A “Radical” Example

By Chaplain Mike At his blog, and also at Resurgence, Justin Buzzard posted the following, called, “The Top 10 Reasons Why People Should Not Join Our Church Plant.” This was a talk he gave at an informational meeting for a new church he is starting in San Jose, California. I think it is a good example […]

The Gospel in Literary Terms

By Chaplain Mike “When I forget why the gospel matters, I read Frederick Buechner.” (Barbara Brown Taylor) And here is one example of why I agree with that testimony. The following excerpt is the thesis statement of Buechner’s book, Telling the Truth: The Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy, and Fairy Tale. The Gospel is bad news […]

Living as Easter People (1)

By Chaplain Mike We’ve had many posts here at Internet Monk commending the use of the church calendar for spiritual formation. When we follow the Church Year, we live in the story of Jesus. We anticipate his coming in Advent. We celebrate his incarnation in Christmastide. Our mouths drop in amazement at the revelation of […]

Let the Easter Parties Begin!

By Chaplain Mike This excerpt is from a sermon by N.T. Wright, “Resurrection and the Calling of the Christian,” given at St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church – Roanoke, Virginia, March 2007. The message is on Luke 15 and the “Parable of the Prodigal Son,” which Wright explains is a paradigmatic story in Luke’s Gospel about […]

Demythologizing “Radical” Christianity (3)

By Chaplain Mike This is the third post in our series, the one in which the ol’ chaplain may find himself in a position of having to defend the appearance that he is contradicting himself or at least being inconsistent. First, let’s review: We’ve been responding to Skye Jethani’s articles at Out of Ur, redefining […]