July 20, 2019

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“Big” Decisions and God’s Will

By Chaplain Mike When I was a Christian young person, I heard a lot about “seeking God’s will.” This question was especially prominent at Bible college, where young men and women training to go into ministry were trying to discern God’s leading in several key areas. First and foremost, we were trusting God to lead […]

The Monk Who Wouldn’t Go Away

Today is Thomas Merton’s birthday. Merton played a big role in Michael Spencer’s spiritual development. In one of my conversations with Michael, I asked where I should start in reading Merton. He said I had to read The Seven Storey Mountain first in order to really understand Thomas Merton. I have since enjoyed many a […]

Children’s Sermon: Jesus’ Blessing Is Here for You

By Chaplain Mike I like the children’s sermon in a worship service. Many have suggested that adults usually get more out of it than they do the pastor’s sermon! I’ve heard my share of them over the years, good and bad. The best ones were simple, short, and directed to the imagination. It’s obviously wise […]

Sermon: All Are Welcome

By Chaplain Mike You have been reading posts about the Beatitudes this week. If you would like to hear my sermon from this morning on Matthew 5:1-12, you can do so using the player below. This sermon is about 22 minutes long.

Jesus Pronounces God’s Blessings

By Chaplain Mike – Today’s Gospel: Matthew 5:1-12 so many people here to hear him from everywhere, of every kind no religious crowd this one! check out that bloke over there loser if i’ve ever seen one not an ounce of righteousness in him wouldn’t know a tithe from a toothbrush couldn’t find genesis if […]

iMonk Classic: Believing the Bible: A Place To Start or Stop?

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From Feb 5, 2009 Let’s say you’re sitting around talking with a group of friends, some of whom are Christians and some aren’t. A subject comes up; for example, marriage. People share their stories, their thoughts, their accumulated wisdom. After a moment, one of the Christians present begins to […]

Saturday Ramblings 1.29.11

Where did the week go? Seems like just yesterday it was Saturday. I guess they come most every week, huh? Around here we use Saturdays as a general tidying-up day. This week I’ve cleaning up my brains, the same ones that got battered around after a couple of essays I posted. Y’all are a tough […]

Difficult Scriptures: The “Genocidal” God?

By Chaplain Mike Some of the most difficult stories in the Bible are those which portray God ordering the annihilation of entire nations or groups of people. This appears prominently, for example, in the Book of Joshua, when the Hebrews defeated the Canaanites on various occasions to take control of the Promised Land. How do […]

Our Intimate God

I refuse. I absolutely refuse to go back to a god who is only interested in what I do, not who I am. I have no interest in a god who keeps score, who I have to appease by doing good things and avoiding bad things. A god who is more interested in institutes and […]

Back To The Garden

My friend and the associate pastor of my church, Gyle Smith, is accused of starting every one of his messages in Genesis 3. Well, it’s not a bad place to start. After all, we were made for the Garden. We don’t know where the actual Garden of Eden was—and don’t start a discussion where you […]