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The Face of the Gracious God

UPDATE: My essay “Our Problem With Grace” deals with some of the issues critical commenters are raising. I recall that Lloyd-Jones said that you can generally be sure that you’ve preached the Gospel when you’re accused of going too far in the direction of grace. And just a few weeks ago, it was The Gospel […]

Links To and Out of The “True Church” Vortex

Catholic convert blogger Bryan Cross asks “Where is the visible Church Christ founded?” Bryan says a lot of good and truthful things. He’s a fine theologian and an excellent Roman Catholic apologist. If you are the person we’ve been discussing all week, remember: it’s this question that will drive you batty, so read at your […]

Theology, Depression and the Unsolvable Problem of the Right Church

I’ve written another essay (March of 08) on this topic called “The Happy Enough Protestant.” I recommend it highly, but it doesn’t deal with depression. I am going to write rather directly to those of you who feel that you are experiencing some measure of mental anguish, anxiety and depression in regard to theology and, […]

iMonk 101: The Christian and Mental Illness + Anti-Depressant Meds + The Boat in the Backyard

I’ve written quite a bit on the subject of mental illness/depression. In 2005 I did an entire series on The Christian and Mental Illness. In January of 07, I wrote about the issue of anti-depressant medication. One of my favorite essays from the past recounts how my dad’s depression affected my life: The Boat in […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #125

This week: A Note from God, and the iMonk goes a bit nuts over legalism. Our sponsors are: 60 Ways to Leave Your Mother…Alone. A comic by Michael Buckley. New Reformation Press. Download new teaching by Dr. Rod Rosenbladt. Zaccheus Press– Fine Catholic Books, including Priestblock 25487. Want to be an IM advertiser? Want over […]

Spiritual Depression and the Search For the One True Church (I’d like to hear the opinion of the room.)

The following comment appeared in the Losing God comment thread. Please read it, with special consideration of what is said, not the person saying it (whom I don’t know and neither do you.) I do not struggle with “Is Christianity true?” vs atheism, Islam, Hinduism etc. My “spiritual depression” is caused by the continual dueling […]

Recommendation and Review: Losing God by Matt Rogers

Comments are moderated. Be patient. UPDATE: Trevin Wax, who recommended the book to me, is reviewing it today as well. Matt Rogers has written a book on the Christian experience of depression and doubt. Losing God is a brief, but intensely honest first person account of Rogers’ own battle with depression, a battle that took […]

iMonk 101: “Mr. Spencer, How Would You Like Your Crow?”

UPDATE: Read how Obama and Warren defied the culture war, from the current Christian Century. Here’s a reposting of my official withdrawal from the ranks of predictable critics of Rick Warren. I was wrong, and I said so. This first appeared at IM November 1st, 2007. BTW, I think more highly of Warren now than […]

Thinking Differently, Disagreeing Charitably

I was recently reading a book of Catholic apologetics that wanted to illustrate the insufficiency of sola scriptura. For an example, the author selected some issues about which evangelicals feel strongly, but which the author believed are not specifically spelled out in scripture to the extent that evangelicals claim. One of the issues was polygamy. […]

The Lessons of Two Prayers: Warren and Robinson

UPDATE: Lauren Green on the two prayers. Bishop Gene Robinson- who needs no introduction, does he?- prayed at an Inaugural event over the weekend. Bishop Robinson got the gig not because he is a spiritual leader or is looked up to by Christians, but because he is the first openly gay bishop in the ECUSA. […]