June 17, 2019

Archives for November 2008

Riffs 11:03:08: Justin Taylor Models Critical Engagement With John Piper

Over the last two years, I’ve raised the issue of the need for positive, level-headed, analytical and appreciative critical engagement with the theology of John Piper. I believe such a need is pressing, particularly as more and more future pastors and ministers take in Piper without any awareness that other solid evangelicals may appreciate him […]

Recommendation and Review by Ryan Cordle: The Blue Parakeet by Scot McKnight

Trevin Wax doesn’t like the book very much. I’d like to welcome Ryan Cordle as guest blogger today with this review of Scot McKnight’s new book. In addition to his recent graduation from Ohio Christian University and joining the faculty where I teach as an English teacher, Ryan is my son-in-law. He’s a fine writer […]

My Best Imitation of Ken and Carla (and my one gripe about Relevant Magazine)

For those of you who don’t recognize the reference in the title of this post, a little background. Ken and Carla would be the first names of two of the most famous internet watchbloggers who practice (in the case of Ken) or practiced on a previous blog (Carla) the discernment methodology known as “Guilt by […]

Open Thread: Who are Your Write-In Candidates for President and Vice-President?

OK frustrated voters. Let’s help each other out. Who will be your “write-in” candidates for the national ticket? I’m strongly tempted to write in Al Mohler for President and Ken Silva for VP. These two guys are predictable conservatives who know everything. Right behind them: T.D. Jakes and Paula White. They can get us out […]