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Introducing “The Liturgical Gangstas”: How Can A Person Grow Spiritually in the Next Year?

UPDATE: We have a Lutheran. Rev. William Cwirla, whom many of you know from The God Whisperers, etc. His post has been added to this one. Welcome to “The Liturgical Gangstas,” a panel discussion among different traditions represented in the Internet Monk audience. Every episode of the Liturgical Gangstas will feature a question, and each […]

The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism part 3: Christian Community

I am continuing my look at the sources of disillusionment within evangelicalism. This will be a five part series, with four posts on the sources of personal disillusionment and one on responding to these personal sources. Here is part 1 and part 2. 3. The Disillusionment of Christian Community [I want to be very clear […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #119

Purposes of a Financial Downturn. Benedict 16th on Luther. “You make people feel bad.” Are the disillusioned standing at the exits with their coats? Our sponsor is New Reformation Press. Great t-shirts, books and reformation resources. Drew Marshall Confessing Evangelical on B16. And here. Here’s the Vatican article. The actual text is here. Charlie Hall […]

The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism Part 2: God-Proving Christian Experience

I am continuing my series on the unresolved tensions of evangelicalism, I want to explore disillusionment with Christian experience. 2. The Disillusionment of Christian Experience Evangelicalism makes confident claims about the religious experience of its true believers. It is not hard to conceive of disillusionment when those claims are judged to be untrue. It’s a […]

The Jesus Bloggers on The Drew Marshall Show

The Jesus Blogger segment of last week’s Drew Marshall Show has been posted. You can listen or download Drew, Bill Kinnon, Daryl Dash and myself having too good a time talking the election, The Shack and all sorts of evangelical gossip. The Jesus Bloggers on the Drew Marshall Show

The Unresolved Tensions of Evangelicalism Part 1: The Biblical Worldview

NOTE: This post is analysis and opinion. It’s not about what I believe or don’t. My posts on Christine Wicker’s and Julia Duin’s descriptions of evangelicalism’s winter are meant to be provocative, but they are also an attempt to hear something in the voices of our critics we rarely allow into our discussions: the scary […]

Christine Wicker’s Unmentionables

Have you ever been part of, let’s say, a committee assigned with a specific task? You go to committee meetings, week after week, maybe month after month; you work with the committee to complete the task, but something else happens. You learn. Specifically, you learn the obvious things that people on the committee never say. […]

Recommended: Wicker and Duin on The End of Evangelicalism

I have a few words about two books that should be of interest to the IM audience. I heard Julia Duin, author of Quitting Church, on The White Horse Inn last week. Her interview was interesting, so I ordered her book and a book she recommended, The Fall of the Evangelical Nation by Christine Wicker. […]

Do You Trust The Abbreviated Jesus?

The other day a strange feeling came over me. Don’t get me wrong about what I’m about to say here. It was just a feeling. I’m not claiming any powers of discernment or certainty. I got the distinct feeling there’s something wrong with a lot of people who say they are Jesus-followers/believers. If you want […]

Iain Murray: Facing the Main Problem in Evangelism Today

I really appreciate Iain Murray, the editor at Banner of Truth Trust, former associate to Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones and an eminent historian of evangelicalism. His many talks at various reformed conferences throughout the years are worth acquiring and his books are all valuable. Some are simply essential. Dr. Murray’s books are available through any reformed […]