June 26, 2019

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Coming to a Church Near You

God Have Mercy On the Messenger

The ministry where I serve has students from all over the world. We have many Africans and we have many children of African immigrants. These students come from both Muslim and Christian backgrounds. Hebrews 13:3b  Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies. (NLT) The 9:15 a.m. student worship […]

Julie Neidlinger’s Real Voice: The Internet Monk Interview

My guest today is Julie Neidlinger, who blogs at loneprairie.net and recently wrote a very honest and controversial post called “Why I Walked Out of Church.” That post has been discussed all around the blogosphere over the past month. I’m assuming you’ve read that post before you read this interview, otherwise you’ll be in the […]

Rob Mathes + Treasury of Daily Prayer Online Demo + New T-shirts at NRP

Run, run now to the Trinity Church in Greenwich website and get Rob Mathes’s sermon/song from August 17th. Just do it. It’s called “London-Dublin.” I’m with Bill Kinnon- Rob has a future as a preacher. What wonderful interaction with the Psalms. Incredible stuff. The sermon will disappear in a few days so get it asap. […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #110

Church Quitting in Evangelicalism. Sunday Morning, Staying Home. Why I Walked Out of Church. Outstanding and on target. Julie Neidlinger is iMonk 2.0. You can post here whenever you want, Julie. My audience is yours. Seriously. Drop me an email because I would love to do a brief blog interview. Check out my other blog […]

Difficult Concept Workshop: Repeat After Me…”The Shack Is A Story”

Well here we are again, talking about The Shack. (Original Review. Follow Up. Driscoll. Witherington.) I’m going to start and finish this post with the same encouragement: TELL YOUR STORY. WRITE YOUR STORIES. TELL THEM YOUR WAY. IN YOUR WORDS. Don’t be afraid or intimidated. The story matters. Some will NEVER see it, but it’s […]

What Could Southern Baptists (and other evangelicals) do to promote Spiritual Formation?

I mean, besides read their Bibles. Southern Baptists can’t really do anything about this kind of thing because, as any real Southern Baptist knows, the denomination isn’t a church and actually the “Southern Baptist Convention” only exists a few hours a year. When it gets together to elect officers, debate a few non-binding resolutions and […]

Review: The Lord’s Supper: Five Views edited by Gordon Smith

I’ve never been particularly interested in those books that line up the advocates of different views on a selected subject, give one each an essay and everyone a response. It sounds like a very good idea, but I’m the kind of person who thinks through an issue more clearly with an all out advocate or […]

iMonk 101: Who and What Are Forming You?

I looked back in the archives and found this post from April of 2007: Who And What Are Forming You? It’s an earlier examination of the issues an evangelical like myself (and like many IM readers) face when seeking to grow in Christlikeness. This has proven to be a very volatile topic, which doesn’t surprise […]

Why Evangelicalism Drives Us Crazy, and Why We Need Each Other

In eight years, I’ve seldom launched a post off of a comment. No disrespect to commenters. They are fine folk, for the most part. But I almost never comment on another blog myself. The sort of person who chases down some phrase like “contemplative prayer” and then goes to battle in the comment threads of […]