June 17, 2019

Archives for September 2008

The Missing Voice of the Christian Counter-Culture

(For N.T. Wright, Bono, Bob Dylan, Sara Groves, Derek Webb, Steve Earle, Larry Norman, Johnny Cash, Michael Been and Steve Taylor) Floating somewhere around the web is a picture/mp3 of Anglican bishop and theologian N.T. Wright, complete in lavender shirt and bishop’s collar, playing Bob Dylan’s sixties anthem, “Blowing In the Wind” on an acoustic […]

An Internet Monk Exclusive: What The Bible Says About the American Economic Crisis

What does the Bible say about our current financial crisis? Evangelicals who want to know how to pray for our economy and its leaders deserve to hear the Bible’s message for these financial times. As a result of in-depth study on the subject of Biblical Principles for Financial Success, your Internet Monk can now release […]

Where Are They Keeping That Secret Book?

UPDATE: One actually should be wondering at what kind of church will a person be ostracized and labeled for not believing the whole enchilada. Who is drawing the lines here on what is and is not “essential” to the complementarian position? Listening to the discussion at the “Send in The Clowns” post, I had a […]

Send In the Clowns

To the contrary….my friend Wyman Richardson says it’s a tempest in a teapot. ONE MORE: A life well lived. ANOTHER UPDATE: Here’s Beth Moore’s (excellent) website. I don’t see the announcement anywhere that she is a teacher for women only. Looks like she’s a Bible teacher for anyone who wants to be taught. UPDATE AGAIN: […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #112

Various resources, Can women pastors be swept under the rug?, A few words on Lutheran/Evangelical conversation. New Reformation Press T-shirts, etc. David Hayward, the Naked Pastor Credenda-agenda Magazine Ancient Evangelical Future Conference Music by Rhodes, Sun Like Blood and Randy Stonehill.

The Weekend File: 09:20:08

Thanks to Issues, Etc for choosing Internetmonk.com as the “Blog of the Week.” One of Rod Dreher’s readers at Crunchy Con sent in a deadly honest e-mail describing “white privilege.” I don’t care much for the political applications, but the observations on how some whites view their own behavior differently from the identical behaviors in […]

iMonk 101: My Theology Can Beat Up Your Theology: Thoughts On Always Saying More Than The Other Guy

I have been thinking about this post from January of this year as I’ve read some of the current theological controversies going around the blogosphere and evangelicalism: My Theology Can Beat Up Your Theology.

Evangelism Won’t Cure It

It’s a rant. Adjust your volume and thinking accordingly. My denomination is about to have a ten year emphasis on evangelism. I’ve been a Southern Baptist since birth. As far as I know, my denomination has never had any other emphasis than evangelism. My denomination is more interested in evangelism than any other denomination in […]

How My Wife’s Catholicism Has Changed Me For The Better: A Birthday Reflection

For you people that don’t know this story, I’ve pulled almost everything off the site that refers to it, so I’m sorry about that. I got some nice things for my 52nd birthday. A new iPod. (Blue, 4th generation Nano. Be envious.) A book of Benedictine Daily Prayer. (I’m figuring it out.) Birthday cake (Oatmeal. […]

Real Differences Between Catholics and Protestants 2

That entire “infant baptism” scene in The Godfather would have been very strange if the Corleones were Baptists in a revival meeting listening to some evangelist.