September 16, 2019

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Exhibits for the Lawsuit

Rebaptism: Where to from here?

Rebaptism: How Did We Get here? and Rebaptism: What is it? This last post in the Rebaptism series deals with what can be done in the present situation. Once again, I want to address these issues related to rebaptism with my own Southern Baptist context primarily in mind. I realize the issue changes a bit […]

ESV Study Bible Product Placement Photos Needed

UPDATE: Thanks to Brandon M for the first exhibit. Oprah needs to get some work done on her hands, though. Van Til here again. The lawsuit is proceeding well, but I need some evidence. I need “Product Placement Photographs” of the ESV Study Bible. Where in the media has Justin Taylor cleverly placed the ESV […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #113

I get to preaching a bit on the financial chaos. Driscoll’s DGM talk. A Post-Evangelical view on talking with a Lutheran brother. Desiring God Resources. Music by Rhodes, Sun Like Blood and Randy Stonehill.

Van Til Announces Class Action Lawsuit Against Justin Taylor For Cruelty and Abuse of Bibliophiles

Just in case the talking dog doesn’t do it, this is a bit o’humor. I can’t wait to get my copy….and if it’s not here by the 15th, I’m starting a crusade to Wheaton. Let me say hello to the Internet Monk audience and re-introduce myself. My name is Van Til, and in addition to […]

Rebaptism: How Did We Get Here?

LINK: John H at Confessing Evangelical is one of six Lutherans in the UK. He comments on some of my advocacy of Wright’s “consensus” position on baptism. In my response to him I reference the document “Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry” from the WCC. I know, but it’s really excellent. Just a friendly warning that I […]

Rebaptism: What Is It?

Since I have some break time ahead of me, I’m going to do several (3?) posts on Rebaptism. I know there are several angles to this subject, varying according to your own denominational preference. I am going to be writing from my position as an evangelical, a Southern Baptist and a lifelong minister to youth. […]

Recommendation and Review: Saving Paradise by Rita Nakashima Brock and Rebecca Ann Parker

A lot more interesting than Brian Mclaren, and guranteed to make you twice as mad. Sometimes I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of my reading time. Let me explain that one. I read many books, and when I look back at them- or over my shoulder at them- it’s very obvious to me that […]

I Can’t Say What I Want to Say About the 40/40 Prayer Emphasis….but You Can

LINK: Read Matt Davis’s take on the 40/40. Resource: IM lurker Pastor Scott sends along Greg Boyd’s sermon/prayer guide for a current emphasis in his church called “The Great Reversal: The Upside Down Kingdom of God.” Woodland Hills Church media for the series will be here starting Oct. 5. UPDATE: Read IMB Missionary in the […]

Hey America…We’re All Here

I haven’t written anything political in a while, but I find myself wondering…. Are we really as stupid in this country as the main stream media make us seem to be? After more than two and a quarter centuries, are Americans really as clueless about their country as we seem to be listening to ourselves […]