June 27, 2019

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Breather + Eugene Peterson on “The Church”

I’m going to take a brief breather from original posts for a while. I’ll be postings some iMonk 101 posts and some extended quotes from voices I believe are important and timely. I have a lot of preaching to prepare for in the next few days, as well as some major school events to plan. […]

Assignments for New Readers

All of a sudden there are all these new people in the comment threads and sending me emails. And several of them don’t seem to know much about the web site. Do me a favor and run through this list:

Lenten Links: Resources for A Post-Evangelical Lent

Ash Wednesday (and the beginning of Lent) is one week from today, so it’s an appropriate time to point you in the direction of some good Lenten Links. If you’ve made the big step into observing Advent, Lent should be next in your appreciation of the Christian year.. Since most of you have already done […]

Review: Life After Church by Brian Sanders

Is there a compelling reason to read Brian Sanders’ version of “Why so many of us are leaving the traditional churches for emerging churches?” Maybe. Life After Church is a book many of my readers will appreciate. I think Sanders gets many things right. I certainly appreciated his emphasis on scripture; a gift to all […]

Today’s Special: Words For The “I’m Praying for Spencer” Guy

Several years ago, when a major reformed blog decided to make me their feature attraction, I first heard “I’m praying for Michael Spencer” from somebody who 1) didn’t know me at all and 2) didn’t like me based on what they did know. (See first comment.) Since that time, not a month goes by without […]

Cloverfield, Catastrophism and Christian Eschatology

The following post could possibly be the largest discrepancy between the subject of a post and the actual title of a post you’ve ever read in these spaces. I’m hoping someone will nominate the title for an award. Seriously, if you never thought about the topic of this post, don’t ridicule me. I’ve watched a […]

Riffs: 01:27:08: This is the End……of Evangelicalism, my Friend

***Music by The Doors: “The End.”*** There was an elf that met the children at the door. Also in this room was a store that had Barbies, action figures, Brats Dolls, and all of the most popular items that you would find in a Toy-R-Us catalog the day after Thanksgiving. In order for kids to […]

My Ash Wednesday Dilemma: In Which Your Internet Monk Asks for Help From The Audience

For the past hour, I’ve been trying to find a Protestant church nearby where I can go for Ash Wednesday service on February 6. If you don’t know where I live, let me put it this way: There are probably more churches marking Ash Wednesday in some Muslim countries than there are churches doing so […]

Michael On Today’s “Steve Brown, Etc.” Program

I had the great honor of being the guest on today’s Steve Brown, Etc. Program. Steve is a real hero of mine, and if we ever got together in real life, we’d need lawyers and bail money. Here’s a link to today’s program. Enjoy it and thanks again to Steve and the whole crew.

Twenty Myths That Keep Christians From Discussing Abortion

I’ve had very few posts on abortion in this space, and there’s a reason for that. You can’t have a reasonable discussion most of the time. Everything devolves into a rhetorical, emotional conflict that resembles professional wrestling. In a cage. It’s really embarrassing that so many of us can’t talk about abortion like intelligent, civil […]