July 16, 2020

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The 2007 Advent Blog is Open

Every year some of the bloggers at the Boar’s Head get together and sponsor the Advent Blog, “Come to Bethlehem and See.” It opened up this week and I hope that IM readers will bookmark it, share it and stop in throughout the season of waiting for Christ to be born. Feel free to take […]

Recommendation: Beyond the Gates

Beyond The Gates (also known as Shooting Dogs) doesn’t have the star power, script, skill or reviewer good will of Hotel Rwanda, but I found it to be far more affecting. If you can appreciate a movie about genocide, filmed on location at the site of mass murder and using many actual survivors in the […]

Standing on My Own Trap Door? or “I’ll Take My Christocentric Theology To Go, Thank You.”

Let it be presupposed that every good Christian is to be more ready to save his neighbor’s proposition than to condemn it. If he cannot save it, let him inquire how he means it; and if he means it badly, let him correct him with charity. If that is not enough, let him seek all […]

Riffs: 11:29:07: Peter Chataway Interviews Phillip Pullman + Donahue warning

Want to know what Phillip Pullman himself has to say about the Golden Compass and his books that inspired the film? Christian film critic and blogger Peter Chataway interviews Phillip Pullman and asks all the questions you’ve been wondering about. No more need to wonder what Pullman had on him mind in the books or […]

Robert Sungenis Responds to “Catholic Questions Part 2”

UPDATE I: From the original posts’s comment thread, here is an apology to Dr. Sungenis and a reply to one of the original questions. Robert Sungenis has written a detailed reply to the questions in the “Catholic Questions Part 2” post, and has also replied to many of the comments in that comment thread, especially […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #79

Does everything we do bring glory to God? Separating Christmas from that other celebration. InternetMonk.com’s new sponsor: New Reformation Press.

Where have you gone, Thomas Merton?

This essay would be appreciated most by those who read my essay recounting my history of appreciating Roman Catholicism. Sadly, I could not write that essay today. I took an hour out of my time this afternoon and reread a large section of Thomas Merton’s outstanding spiritual biography, The Seven Storey Mountain. I was looking […]

The IM Weekend File: 11:24:07

I think we all have to give a round of applause to the ordinary folks at Oral Roberts University who said “Enough is enough.” Richard Roberts- while far from being the worst offender in this collection of Tetzels- exemplified everything that is wrong with the Tulsa/TBN version of Charismatic evangelicalism. Smarmy, unscrupulous, self-serving and slick: […]

Riffs: 11:21:07: Ben Witherington III asks “Is the Self-Centered God a Narcissist?”

UPDATE VII: Ochuck makes a good contribution to the topic. UPDATE VI: James White on the whole debate. Two things you can be sure of: 1) The longer the discussion goes on, the more likely that Witherington will eventually be called out as an apostate. 2) The longer the discussion goes on, the more it […]

A Lord’s Supper Book for the Rest of Us: Making a Meal of It by Ben Witherington III

UPDATE III: If this post has been construed as anti-Catholic, I’m sorry. I assure you that was never my intention. Commending Dr. Witherington for offering up a theology of the supper for those of us who are not Catholics or Calvinists doesn’t seem to me to be ipso facto an attack on Catholics. UPDATE II: […]