August 12, 2020

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It Ought To Be A Parable. It’s That Good.

UPDATE: Here’s My Review of End of the Spear” Chad Allen is a homosexual activist, and an actor playing a martyred missionary and his son. Some people can’t stand it. Sounds like the outrage of the Gospel to me. Some indeed preach Christ from envy and rivalry, but others from good will. The latter do […]

What’s Wrong With The Sermon?: It’s Too Long

A new Internet Monk series examining the basics of good preaching by listening to common criticisms. I’ve been preaching for…well…longer than a lot of you have been on earth. Thirty-four years ago next month I preached my first sermon, and I’ve been at it ever since. I currently preach sixteen times a month, and I […]

McCoy’s Open Letter To Seminarians

Readers of the Boar’s Head Tavern or SBC blogs are aware that the SBC’s International Mission Board has recently decided to draw several inexplicable, extrabiblical, lines in the sand: -Banning anyone who ever spoke in tongues from serving as a missionary. -Making baptism in an SBC church the only recognizable form of baptism for missionary […]

Walls That Won’t Fall: Basics For the Local Church

In April of last year, a well known Reformed Baptist-apologist-debater-cruise promoter announced to the world that I was “emergent.” The word was often repeated about me and the Boar’s Head Tavern fellows in general. Rumors must spread fast, because a few weeks ago an emailer in New Zealand quite familiar with the emergent church movement […]

The Gospel for Appalachia III: Four Christian Responses

People with answers for Appalachia arouse considerable suspicion from those who know the region well. A multi-millionaire standing at a microphone, explaining how his money and ideas will turn the tide, may get his picture in the paper, but I assure you the applause is less than adoring. Experience has taught Appalachians and those who […]

The Gospel For Appalachia II: Can The Culture Change?

I want to talk about the Gospel, but first I’m going to tell some stories. Why I am telling these stories should become plain as we go along, but for those of you who might need a clue at the beginning, these stories are about the difficulty of change here in the mountains of southeastern […]

The Gospel for Appalachia I

I have 2 or 3 posts about The Gospel for Appalachia that I want to share. This first one introduces the unique aspects of this region and the reasons I am here. The past few days, most of America has been watching–or at least aware of–the tragedy of the 12 perished coal miners in the […]