January 20, 2019

Archives for October 2006

The Fearsome Pirate’s Ship Is No More

Frequently brilliant. Dependably provocative. Totally truthful. One of the best bloggers on the net, hands down. Infuriating. Frustrating. And, of course, a person who drove me back to the books and my Bible over and over again, making me better every time. Josh S has ended his blogging career, and I salute him. From “I […]

Riffs: Driscoll on the Incarnation; Slice’s Perfect Pharisaism

FURTHER UPDATE: Piper and Driscoll exchange emails and affirmations. Next Week, Van Till will ask, “Was it a roaring debate, or a barking debate?” and I’ll consider finding something else to do with all my free time. Challies liveblogs/summarizes Mark Driscoll from the DG National Conference. His comments on the incarnation are unfortunate, to say […]