June 27, 2019

Archives for October 2006

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #30

Catching up on a few things in a short podcast. A few thoughts on the ruination of Halloween. Kudos to the Cardinals. Some good resources on the web.

Riffs 10:30:06

Bill Kinnon at Achievable Ends has a wonderful post on the power of music in worship, and particularly its effect on human beings: The Power of Music in Church. Could it be that, we don’t just resonate with music, we are, in fact, music. Our physical reaction to music (toes tapping, body swaying, hands clapping, […]

The Great Pumpkin Proposes A Toast

Every year since I first published this piece, someone has linked it and I get requests for it to reappear. It’s one of my favorite IM pieces, and is dedicated to all of those writers and artists who believe in the holy and wholesome use of the imagination. Here’s a toast to Halloween, and all […]

Riffs 10:29:06: Unfortunately, this needs to be said…

Who cares where I found it, it’s sad to realize this needs to be said….several times. Spurgeon is not, however, the final arbiter between orthodoxy and what some imagine to be “heresy.” Neither he, nor his preaching, is infallible. Preachers are the servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God – not the […]

Christian Community, Friendship and the Quest for Accountability

I received this book from Sovereign Grace Ministries, not as a review copy, but as a nice gift from a staff member there. This post isn’t a review, but an exploration of one idea in the book- accountability relationships- that I want to encourage. Twice a week, I meet with a group of men to […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #29

This Driscoll business. The Internet Monk Radio Podcast is available as an iTunes download.

The Red Wheelbarrow Debate Continues

UPDATE: Here’s an excellent essay from Lawrence Perrine on the nature of “proof” in poetry. You should read it if you are interested in literary interpretation. I’m sure some of you want me to blog on nothing but TRs, post-evangelicalism and the latest attempt to say that Mark Driscoll is Sam Kinison (I’m not making […]

Eyes Wide Shut: Denise Spencer and the Struggle to Stay Awake

Life with the iMonk is exciting. And if you believe that, I’ve got some land in Florida to sell you. My wife has written an entertaining essay about her struggle to stay awake when I am anywhere in the vicinity. Those of you who are looking forward to the excitement of marriage may want to […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #28

Some thoughts on different ways of doing evangelism, and watching the culture warriors squirm a bit. Remember that the Internet Monk Radio Podcast is available on iTunes subscription.

For The One With the Sad Eyes

I gave up reading the blogs and MySpaces of our students this year because they weren’t having a good effect on me. Without sounding arrogant, I’ve heard it all before, and the personal references to my school, my friends, my fellow teachers and my life’s mission weren’t giving me any motivations or insights that truly […]