June 18, 2019

Archives for September 2006

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #24: Interview with Noel Heikkinen and Dan Price

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #24 is the first installment of an interview with Riverview Church pastors Noel Heikkinen and Dan Price. They are part of an amazing church growth story going on in Lansing, Michigan. Enjoy the podcast and more of the interview is on the way.

A Persistent Irrationality by leif rigney

leif rigney, University English prof and original Internet Monk writer, penned a great essay on superstitous, irrational Christians. It’s an older IM piece, but still funny, truthful and helpful. Put it in your Imonk 101 folder and reread it. Then pass it around. To all those hiding from $6.66 in change, this essay’s for you. […]

The Virtues of Education

Sometimes when I am interacting with other Christians, I’m overwhelmed with the feeling that I’m exchanging ideas with someone very, very different from myself in significant ways. I don’t insist that people be like me, and I don’t want to hold myself hostage for being different from other people. There is one difference, however, that’s […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #23

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 23. Using movies as illustrations. The value of education.

Reduced to Jesus

I get called a lot of names around the blogosphere. Everything from “pomo devil” to “respected blogger.” (Now there’s an oxymoron.) When you’re a “cage phase” blogger (there goes another one) you write long posts defending yourself and being outraged about this. For instance, my use of the name “truly reformed” used to bring about […]

Review: The Irresistable Revolution by Shane Claiborne

UPDATE: At The Margins has a page of Irresistable Revolution links, and some of them have lots of quotes. Trust me, folks, no one gave me this book, a check or a donut to write what I’m going to write in the next few paragraphs. I’m just very excited about this book. Someone told me […]

Jesus + The Paperwork

You will have to forgive me. Being post-evangelical should mean that denominational follies no longer surprise me, but I guess I’ve just got a soft spot. I was imagining a conversation. Two college students, Bob and George, discover their mutual Christian faith and begin a friendship. One evening, a sensitive matter comes up….

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #22

Throat problems slowed down this week’s podcast, but here it is. A review of the eventful week. Preaching on 5 minutes notice. Laundering IM posts. Some blog announcements. Piper leaves broadcast radio for the net.

The Man in the Shadow of Adultery

I have been wanting to write this major essay on adultery for almost four years. It was just never there. Yesterday, for whatever reason, I knew it was ready for “birth,” and so in a few hours this morning, it arrived. It is a plea for men who are somewhere in the vicinity of committing […]

Riffs: James Allison on “The Last Scapegoat”

UPDATE: Apparently I was supposed to know that James Allison was gay when I wrote this post. I didn’t. Sorry. If that has anything to do with the truth and perspective of this piece, then disregard it. Homosexual sin is just as offensive to God as heterosexual sin, and I don’t approve or endorse either. […]