July 18, 2019

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He Wouldn’t Smile for the Camera

UPDATE: Several of Mark’s songs are available free at the Paste Music MP3 site. Back in the day, I was Mr. Christian Music, and kept up with everything, so I remember pretty clearly the day I bought a Mark Heard album and the guy wasn’t smiling. Mark Heard, for those who don’t know, was probably […]

In The Gay Old Summertime Revisited

Some of you are asking about my views on homosexuality. I said just about everything I have to say about the topic of homosexuality in the IM essay “In The Gay Old Summertime.” Though written several years ago when my kids were watching “Queer Eye,” it still expresses my own response to this issue as […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #18

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 18. I stop spending money. Talking God with Chinese students. Praying for friends from the Psalms.

Christians, Israel and Homosexuals: A Common Error

What do homosexuals and the political state of Israel have in common? Both are the subjects of a flawed approach by Christians concerned about suffering and the Christian witness. While the Christians involved are very different, their errors and resulting actions are very similar.

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #17

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 17. I start a revolution. Shane Claiborne. Blogwars. There’s more good guys than you might think.

Buchanan on Sabbath + The Sanity Verses Revisited

I think some of us need to hear the good news of sabbath and refreshment. Wow. A great book from a great writer: Mark Buchanan on “The Rest of God.” It’s the finest exploration of the role of the sabbath in the life of the Christian I have ever read. Simply superb and a delight […]

A Special Invitation: A “Chariots of Fire” Blogfest

This is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the film Chariots of Fire, a remarkable movie about faith, worldviews and the motives to excel of two very different men. Chariots won Oscars for Best Picture, Writing, Score and Costumes in 1982. I talked about Chariots of Fire on Podcast 16. I got to thinking that there might […]

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #16

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 16. More Minor league baseball. Chinese student. Chariots of Fire. Sabbath from Church.

Riffs: Remember the Faithful Remnant, Mr. Driscoll

Further UPDATE: Somehow, as usual, Phil Johnson feels the need to have some kind of last word about this post. So if you’ve been unduly influenced by my liberal rantings to love, pray for and appreciate your brothers and sisters still holding out in the mainlines, go get yourself vacuumed out real good at Phil’s […]

Riffs: JMarkBertrand: Diss Isn’t Discernment

Mark Bertrand on watchblogging and the “either/or” assumptions of its practitioners. This post deserves wide circulation among all bloggers. I’ve told this story before, but it bears retelling. I once had a young reformed Baptist pastor and his wife over to our home for dinner. We had mutual friends and I wanted to be able […]