September 16, 2019

Archives for April 2006

Marcus Borg: Decide For Yourself

With all the discussion of Marcus Borg’s “Christianity” lately, it might be good to actually read the man. So for those who want to hear from Borg what he believes, I’ve put together a few Marcus Borg links that should provide you a good introduction.

You Know You/They Are Wrong When…

I’ve got a couple of small posts that have something in common: They are about someone being wrong. The Fearsome Pirate himself, Josh Strodtbeck, wrote this brief post on Ten Ways To Know You’re Wrong. I thought it was excellent, and should have linked to it earlier. Nice work Josh.

N.T. Wright, Marcus Borg and A Too Generous Orthodoxy

UPDATE: Joel Hunter has an excellent post regarding the application of Paul’s pastoral approach in I Corinthians 15 to this issue. He also shows how Wright is perceived by the academic left in this very helpful post. The background of this post is N.T. Wright’s recent interview with the Australian, an interview that’s kept the […]

My Atonement is Bigger Than Your Atonement

And my Kingdom trumps all your atonements. A Holy Week dust-up. Mark Dever wrote about the meaning of the atonement in Christianity Today. Scot McKnight commented on Dever’s article, taking issue with the idea that the meaning of the atonement is so narrow that we would have a debate about its true meaning during Holy […]

Missional Isn’t A Bad Word

“The question is familiar: “What do you mean by missional church?” Even though the term is now used everywhere, there is still confusion about it. As we begin this book, here is a brief description of what we mean by the phrase.

Under the Radar Calvinism: An Ethical Question

Fact: Calvinism is hotly controversial among Southern Baptists. Fact: There are many more Calvinistic ministers than confessionally Calvinistic churches in the SBC. Fact: In an interview process, a candidate has the choice to be open about Calvinism or to keep it under the radar. In his article on TULIP at Baptist Press, SEBTS President Danny […]

The Stupids Do New Testament 101

UPDATE: Scot McKnight is doing a series on the Gospel of Judas. This emerging church scholar is as sane and on top of the game as they come. Read his work. The rather sordid recent history of the manuscript. Also: Christianity Today interviews Darrell Bock, who says the “Cainite” Gnostics responsible for the Gospel of […]

Witherington on Osteen vs Jesus

God bless Ben Witherington, who takes on the THEOLOGY of Joel Osteen, particularly as it applies to the teaching of Jesus. Thank you, Dr. Witherington, for doing what so few others are willing to do. American Christianity, if not staying focused on Jesus, gets in big trouble in a culture where entitlement is a tremendous […]

Jesus, Tongue Piercing and The Culture War

[I also dealt with this subject in a previous IM essay.] Col. 2:20 If with Christ you died to the elemental spirits of the world, why, as if you were still alive in the world, do you submit to regulations – 21 “Do not handle, Do not taste, Do not touch” 22 (referring to things […]