August 10, 2020

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The Monk Emerges

A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak at a Charismatic church in a neighboring community. (Take it to the comment threads, people.) I discovered that I was actually speaking at an “emerging” worship service designed for the younger adults in the community. As this was my first experience with an “emerging” service, I […]

***Q & A***

Tim Challies live-blogged this “Q&A Session” with Dr. John Macarthur, and after reading it, I had some thoughts on the whole subject of “Question and Answer.” This isn’t really an essay, so pay attention for shifting gears. I’ll use a universally recognized symbol for my shifting attention span. ***I Like Question and Answer.***

Phil Johnson on “Is The Reformation Over?”

Update: Those of you who keep mentioning that this post is disjointed need to remember that it is simply some interaction with the main points of Phil Johnson’s talk. There’s no attempt for this to stand alone; it’s not meant to be polished or comprehensive. Tim Challies is “liveblogging” the Grace Community Church Shepherd’s Conference. […]

Answers Not In Genesis

Nothing discourages me about the future of evangelicals like “young earth creationism,” Hamm style. Josh puts it well in this post at Here We Stand: “Every time I read someone saying it’s the Christian’s duty to refute biology and physics with the Bible, something inside me just dies a little.” I’m feelin’ that as well. […]