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Serious About Merton?

Then we discover what the spiritual life really is. It is not a matter of doing one good thing rather than another, of praying in one way rather than in another. It is not a matter of any special psychological effect in our own soul. It is the silence of our whole being in compunction […]

Remember Osteen? Al Mohler Speaks Up

UPDATE: Dr. Mohler posted on Osteen in June of ’05. Thanks for the correction. More than a year after this blog called for the “outing” of Joel Osteen as a motivational speaker pretending to be a Christian pastor, Al Mohler raises questions about Osteen. I say “amen,” and hope many other evangelicals take the time […]

Postcards To A Young Theologian 4

Postcard 1 Postcard 2 Postcard 3 4. Determine to be part of a community where the concept of leadership is fully New Testament in its understanding of the relation of clergy and laity, and is free from the exaggerated and harmful adoration/veneration of personalities so common in unhealthy groups. How do you know that a […]

Postcards To A Young Theologian 3

Postcard 1 Postcard 2 3. Be honest: Does the logic of a group eventually conclude that other Christians are, in fact, not true believers at all? The Arminian God is not “worshipable.” If you believe the doctrines of Arminius, you are idolater who hates God. If you give up your idolatry and embrace the God […]

Postcards To A Young Theologian 2

Postcard 1 2. Be suspicious of guilt that comes from crossing the perceived boundaries of a group. In between the lines of these epistles from young theologians, there is a common emotion. It is not a front-burner emotion, nor is it entirely absent. It is the emotion of nagging, background guilt. Guilt related to deviating […]

Like The Night My House Was Burning by Denise Day Spencer

Denise is blogging about the recent “cancer scare” at her blog. I want to link here so that IM readers can experience her excellent writing and benefit from her honest reflections on this experience. Since many of you prayed for us during this time, I hope you will find these posts a sign that God […]

Postcards To A Young Theologian 1

I’m fortunate to be trusted with many letters chronicling the spiritual journeys of some of my readers. Currently, I have several of these letters in my mailbox that I need to answer. I have a particular group, however, that are different from the norm; they are letters with several things in common: -They are from […]

Guess Who? on John 3:16

UPDATE: Welcome Fide-O readers. I invite you to read this post and tell me why Jason Robertson thinks it’s about him. Good luck. Guess Who said it? “I am troubled by the tendency of some – often young people newly infatuated with Reformed doctrine – who insist that God cannon possibly love those who never […]


Listen. I am not an Arminian. I’m not an opponent of reformed theology. I haven’t taken a notion to “mock” someone’s sermons. My issues with the “L” go back at least 15 years, maybe more, to my first reading of Pink. I’m very well aware of the whole “L” defense. Listen to Piper’s “TULIP” series. […]

Rhodes, Alcorn and Ware on God’s Love and Christ’s Work

Doing some research on how reformed preachers deal with John 3:16, I was really surprised at how few resources there are on the web giving any real balanced, serious and fair discussion of the subject of the extent of the atonement. As long as I have been around reformed theology, I have been adverse- to […]